Define Your Style with Wallpics Stickable Photo Tiles

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Define Your Style with Wallpics Stickable Photo Tiles

Just like your attire reflects your style, your wall décor has a lot to say about your style. Perhaps that is why it is advised to take your wall decorations more seriously than you do. Placing one thing on your wall can reflect your personality, your choices and how you take things in your life. For instance, if you're someone who just places things randomly of any quality on your walls then it shows that you have no fixed style and you just pick up things and move ahead.

However, if you like your wall decor to match with your room paint and try to create a new style, then it reflects that you have an artistic touch. Wallpics understands this and that is why it gives you an opportunity to define your own style with your own pictures. Scroll down to learn more about Wallpics if you want your home look highly appealing to others and even to yourself.

What Wallpics offers to you?

Wallpics are pictures that hang on your walls and are tailor-made. These are basically tiles of snaps, which you have in your album. These tiles are designed in such a way that you can easily stick it on your walls and these pictures will create a magic on your walls. Unlike other wall decors, Wallpics are unique and give you an option to define your own style. For instance, you might be someone who doesn’t want to place pictures of only you and your family; you are someone who wants to place your pictures in addition to the pictures of the places which are there in your album that have some memories of yours attached to it.

Photo Tiles to Decorate Your Home

Things that you must know before choosing Wallpics

Wallpics doesn’t want to keep you in the dark and that's why it is in your interest to learn everything before choosing Wallpics. Here you will also get acquainted with the new styles of using Wallpics to ensure your home looks beautiful and appealing. These points are:

  • Select different pictures that tell your story

Selection of the pictures is a very important step and you must take it seriously, as the beauty of your Wallpics will profusely depend on your choice of the photographs. You must try to select those pictures that you can club together and will have a story to tell about you. You must also take care of the fact that the selection of your snaps will be defining your style more than its placement. You can do this in a lot of ways, such as picking up the one with which you have some special memories attached to; it could be something emotional or funny. This doesn’t mean you can’t pick up random pictures, but it is prudent to have pictures that tell something about you and your life. It will add a new thrill to the walls of your home and will make it look lively.

  • Be clear with the location where you will be placing Wallpics

It is better to place the order of Wallpics only when you have decided in which rooms you will be sticking them. This will give you an understanding of how many pictures would look good. You can get your Wallpics designed in such a way that it suits that specific room. Usually, in the living room, space is more on the walls, so you can get multiple pictures clubbed together. This way it will look appealing to the eyes and whosoever will enter the room will be attracted firstly by these customized images. However, if you are planning to place it beside the staircase, then you can get it done in a vertical way. The cost of Wallpics is not very high so you can opt for multiple pictures. A set of 3 will cost you $35 and each additional picture will cost you $9.

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  • Try not to paste wall stickers beside it

These days one can find umpteen options of Wall décor online, especially the wall stickers. These stickers are eye-catching and so many times tempt you to purchase it. You are advised not to stick Wallpics beside these wall stickers as it will not synchronize with the tailor-made pictures that you are ordering from Wallpics. It is better if you just try to place your Wallpics in the center of the wall in your living room and have your wall painted in a natural and simple color. You do not need to spend your fortune in stylish metallic paints on the wall when you have something as attractive as Wallpics. You must try to let Wallpics do the magic on your walls instead of cluttering your walls with different wall décor.

  • Choose the pictures that look great with your wall paint

There are many people who do not understand that making a home look beautiful doesn’t mean spending a huge amount of money on decorative items. It doesn’t mean bombarding your home with different types of expensive furniture. Treat your home just like a canvas in which all the colors should be placed in such a way that at the end it all comes together to create a painting that catches your attention in a positive way. That is why you are advised to choose the photographs of yours that suit to the whole room and when come together create magic. These images will be getting pasted on your wall, so you must make sure that the wall paint color and your pictures look great together and complement each other.


If you are someone who wants to make your abode look amazing, then you cannot say no to Wallpics. However, if you want the best results from Wallpics then you also need to do some homework. You must try to follow all the aforementioned points before placing your order on Wallpicsapp, as this will ensure that your wall looks beautiful with the help of the customized images offered by Wallpics.