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Digital Wedding Invitations: Are Email Wedding Invitations Tacky?

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Digital Wedding Invitations: Are Email Wedding Invitations Tacky?

Your beloved popped the question and you excitedly said “Yes!”. Before you tie the knot during your dream wedding and live happily ever after, you have some serious wedding planning to attend to. One of the most important aspects of the planning stage – aside from choosing the wedding date and the venue of the ceremony and reception – is sending out your beautiful personalised wedding invitations.

There is something rather magical and wonderful about receiving an exquisitely handcrafted envelope through the post, that is made from premium quality paper and filled with an elegant personalised wedding invitation to the wedding of the year.

Bespoke wedding stationery is a luxury that not every couple can easily budget for. More and more couples are now choosing to cut their wedding expenditure by opting for the paperless route for sending out invites to the big day.

Tacky Or Tasteful?

Many couples planning to get married that are opting to follow the growing trend of emailing wedding invitations often choose to do so because it’s more aligned to their environmental and economic consciousness. If you're environmentally minded and you don’t want to add to the world's carbon footprint, digital wedding invitations offer a viable alternative solution to sending personalised wedding invitations in the post.

Sending digital personalised wedding invitations is also a more convenient, and cheaper way, in which to let family and friends know that you request the pleasure of their company on your wedding day.

Whilst people who favour the etiquette traditions of formal weddings may consider email wedding invitations to be tacky, it is possible to go paperless with elegance and in style. You can design a tasteful personalised wedding invitation to send to recipients via email. This can also complement other wedding stationery items, like save the date cards, RSVP cards and thank you cards that are equally important.

To avoid your DIY digital wedding invitations looking tacky, ask a professional designer to design them for you, or use an online design service. If you’re artistically creative, and you want to design your personalised wedding invitations yourself, do some online research to find out what’s tastefully fashionable, acceptable and appropriate in terms of wedding design etiquette.

You can also use an online service that designs, customises and sends out the email personalised wedding invitations on your behalf. The paperless designs are available as templated flyers or classic stationery inspired cards.

Presentation Is Key

Personalised wedding invitations that are mailed in the post undoubtedly carry bags of sentiment and considerable clout. Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning, mailed invitations are considered to be formal and official. As it’s also an event that is unique and rather special, many guests will treasure their paper wedding invite as a keepsake.

Digital personalised wedding invitations don’t land on your doormat with a pleasing soft thud. They appear as if by magic in your computer’s mail server inbox. To stand out from all of the other emails that you receive on a daily basis, a digital wedding invite needs to grab the recipient’s attention, and not end up in the Spam folder.

What To Include On Your Email Wedding Invitations

As with the more formal and traditional personalised wedding invitation that is printed on high-quality paper, an email wedding invitation must include all of the important information about the wedding day.

You need to include your name and your future spouse’s, the date, the location of the wedding ceremony and reception venues, and the time that the wedding celebrations begin. You can present this information as a single page design that recipients can instantly see when they click the email message open, or as a separate attachment. Don’t forget to let guests know that they can print out the wedding invitations!

If you’re planning a surprise or last minute wedding, digital personalised wedding invitations can help to reduce the stress and pressure of having to plan and organise everything with limited time available. Wedding etiquette dictates that you must allow plenty of time, to receive an RSVP, when you mail out traditional paper personalised wedding invites. If you’re sending email wedding invitations add the RSVP date in the subject line so that guests are notified of the urgency.

Consider Your Older Guests

Most couples that get hitched choose to invite people from multiple generations to their wedding. It’s important to remember that not all senior citizens confidently know their way around a computer. Although some people aged over 70 may be remarkably tech-savvy, there will also be other older guests that may not have a clue how the internet works, or have an email account that you can send a wedding invite to.

The Perfect Wedding Invitation Combo

Your wedding is a special day that is all about you, and your beloved, and your shares values. If it is important to you to honour your ethics and beliefs, by doing your bit for the environment – whilst also saving money – it’s perfectly acceptable to send personalised wedding invitations via email.

Before you go ahead and press Send, and let everyone know that you’re getting wed, it’s a good idea to draw up a list of all of the guests. To ensure that everyone that you want to be with you on your special day can attend, it’s recommended that you compromise by printing out some personalised wedding invitations to mail to your older guests who appreciate the formality of wedding etiquette traditions.

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