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Do's and Don’ts When You Wash Your Face

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Do's and Don’ts When You Wash Your Face

Every lady knows she needs to have a certain routine for her face washing, and if you’re a bride-to-be who is starting a new beauty routine, then make sure you are washing your face the right way.

Many brides don’t consider the details in the process of washing their faces, whether it’s neglecting to use the right products, or the way you wash your face.

Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to washing your face to help you get the best results:

DO: Use a mild facewash, always go for gentle and non irritating products, and preferably fragrance free. Some women think that the more the lather the better, but usually these face washes are high in detergent content.

DO: Make sure you moisturize your skin and apply sunscreen after cleaning your face.

DON’T: Washing your face with overly cold or hot water can dry your skin or make it look dull. Lukewarm water is the best way to go.

DON’T: Rub your face aggressively, wipe your face with a soft towel.

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