Emulsion Launches Personalised Skin and Haircare in the UK

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Emulsion Launches Personalised Skin and Haircare in the UK

Natural skin and hair care pioneers at Emulsion are delighted to announce the launch of their revolutionary products in the U.K.  Today, users will finally be able to create their very own personalised gender-neutral products online for every mood, skin type and vibe.

Emulsion, does not believe in the one-size fits all approach to personal care, instead they allow beauty fans to choose from a variety of bases and add-ons to suit their specific needs. Acting as a blank canvas, the Emulsion bases include shampoos, scrubs, serums, lotions, dry oils and many more.

Mix in some of their add-ons that include essential oils, refreshing extracts and energising fragrances to create the perfect blend for your skin type.

Need a reviving morning shower? Pop a fresh scent of coffee and coconut in the shower-gel base.

Finding it hard to fall asleep? Infuse your body cream with the soothing Let it go blend. Every ingredient in their product line is handpicked, giving you an endless choice of premium combinations.


Need some guidance? Fear not, let the team help you find the perfect blend of products for your needs. Or you can also use some of their tried and tested pre-selected blends.

Speaking of the launch, co-founder of Emulsion, Helen Bannayan, said: “When it came to beauty and self-care products, I always felt like the options available in the market were too limiting. And since I’ve always liked breaking the rules, I decided to create a space for personal care which was boundary-free. Emulsion is the culmination of 3 years of research and experimentation in our own kitchens and bathrooms, testing each product and ingredient until we were completely satisfied that they were the best out there.”

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