Engagement Ring Shopping 101: 7 Tips And Tricks

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Engagement Ring Shopping 101: 7 Tips And Tricks

Is it now time to purchase your partner’s mark of ownership – the engagement ring? Then congratulations! Your search for the one is finally over and you’re ready to ask the magic question. However, while preparing for the proposal is indeed thrilling, bear in mind that purchasing an engagement ring is typically expensive. As a result, you might want to double-check that you’re doing everything correctly.

There are numerous factors to consider while purchasing rings. There’s the stone’s form, quality, color, and clarity to consider. Then there’s the matter of deciding on the metal for the setting. There are other factors to consider like measurements, fluorescence, and many more. It’s understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Tips And Tricks For Purchasing An Engagement Ring

Fortunately, buying an engagement ring doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, if you follow the proper techniques, you might surprise your partner with an engagement ring they’ll cherish for years to follow.

Whether you’re going ring shopping with your partner or on your own, the following are some tips and tactics for selecting and purchasing engagement rings for your significant other.


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Engagement Ring

1. Decide On The Band’s Metal

Engagement rings are traditionally composed of yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. But in recent years, rose gold engagement rings have arisen as a new, modern option. Although platinum looks quite similar to silver, it’s substantially more expensive due to its higher density and rarity. You should also consider whether or not you want any stones put in the band. Moreover, some metals are more prone to scratching than others, so take your lifestyle into account before making a final pick, as well as your budget.

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2. Determine The Shape You Want

It’s critical that you understand your significant other’s preferences regarding the center stone’s shape. It’ll make it much easier for you to narrow down your options for an engagement ring. Each cut (also known as shape) has a varied cost per carat; hence the prices vary widely. If the size is essential to you, you can acquire more carats at a lower price if you pick a shape other than the traditional round cut.

Undeniably, doing some research on ring cuts first and having a few preferences in mind will come in handy as you look for an engagement ring.

Carat Size

3. Consider The Carat Size

When it comes to engagement rings, the age-old debate of quality vs. quantity is still relevant. Regardless of the carat weight, some people prefer a large stone over a white stone, while others choose the purest diamond possible. Even though people claim that size doesn’t matter, it’s always the starting point.

Furthermore, be willing to consider new ideas. In terms of the shape and size, your significant other may assume they know what they’re looking for, but after testing on rings, they may realize they crave entirely different. They might change their mind after seeing their finger with the ring in real life.

Ring Size

4. Take Accurate Measurements

It might seem self-evident, but ensure that both of you have your ring fingers measured accurately. You don’t want a ring that restricts your blood flow or, worse, so loose it could come off. It should be snug but not too confining.

Wedding Ring Set

5. Take Into Account How The Engagement Ring Will Complement Your Wedding Band

Although it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of finding the right ring, it’s important to remember that the engagement ring is just one part of the equation. There’s still the wedding band that’ll serve as a physical representation of your marriage. Hence, avoid overlooking such a significant part; consider the style of the wedding band that would complement your ring.

Wedding Rings

6. Always Go For Certified Products

One of the mistakes in buying an engagement ring is buying from non-certified stores. Purchasing an engagement ring is one of the costliest expenditures you’ll make in your lifetime, so take your time and buy wisely. When you finally find the ring of your dreams, make sure you purchase a certified stone from a reputable laboratory. This is because other laboratories may inflate grades, giving the impression of a fantastic deal when the consumer actually received a lower-quality stone. This is the most common ruse used by numerous jewelry businesses.

Diamond Wedding Ring

7. Be Mindful Of The Cut’s Quality And Clarity

If you’re searching for a diamond ring, you can choose the lowest clarity diamond that’s still visually clean, as it’ll appear identical to a perfect diamond, assuming all other factors remain equal.

On the other hand, the quality of the center stone’s shape should never be compromised. Why? The cut of the stone is what gives it that beautiful gleam that everyone adores. Even if you take a mediocre raw diamond and cut it flawlessly, the result will be breathtaking. However, if a top-notch natural diamond is cut improperly, it’ll look awry.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, there’s a lot to consider when buying an engagement ring for your significant other. After all, the ring commemorates a special milestone in your relationship and maybe one of the most significant purchases you and your lover will make together. As a result, ensure that everything is done correctly. Determine your style preferences, brush up on the fundamentals, and conduct research. Shopping for rings should be fun, but it’d be a lot less complicated if you prepare ahead of time.

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