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Everything You Need For a Perfect Bridal Makeup Look

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Everything You Need For a Perfect Bridal Makeup Look

There are many details that occupy the bride's mind, and most of them are regarding the wedding and honeymoon. Details such as her makeup, her wedding dress, and even her wedding decor, keep a bride thinking. Because any bride has been waiting for her wedding day all her life. This is why looking beautiful and stunning is very important for every bride. And of course no bridal look is complete without the right makeup look, this is why every bride should know a few things before finalizing her makeup and hair look.

Now a days brides have become more aware of the makeup techniques and styles, and they look carefully for the right makeup artist, because brides want to hide their imperfections but they also want to still look the same. But there are so many things to take into consideration to assurt a flawless makeup look.

Brides usually get occupied with a lot of wedding planning details, which can cause the bride to get tired and stress out, and this will all affect your look, this is why many brides tend to take extra care of their skin before the wedding, by going to facials and taking care of their beauty at home. It is very important that you take care of your skin before your wedding day, you can do so by using face scrubs and by keeping your skin moisturized. Awlays remember that dry skin will make you look a lot older, this is why make sure to always keep your skin moisturized by usine the right face cream, and of course having a skincare routine.

When it comes to bridal makeup, every makeup artist and some brides know that your makeup should go with the season you're getting married in, in terms of the type of products, colors, and shades. During summer, brides need lighter products and lighter colors, such as waterproof makeup, unlike winter makeup products and colors. 

Whether you are getting married in summer or winter, don't worry, because we have some amazing tips to help you have the perfect makeup look.

Winter Bridal Makeup: Winter makeup is usually darker in colors, you can easily wear a smokey eye makeup look during a winter wedding, or a dark lipstick color such as dark pink or deep red.

مكياج عرائس لفصل الشتاء

Spring Bridal Makeup: Everything about spring screams colors, and light colored makeup is perfect for a spring bride, think peachy or pink shades of makeup and lipstick.

مكياج عرايس لفصل الربيع

Fall Bridal Makeup: Fall is all about earthy tones and hues, you can get inspired by the colors of the leaves, a touch of gold or metallic for some sparkle will make your makeup look complete.

مكياج عرايس لفصل الخريف

Summer Bridal Makeup: For a summery makeup look we advise you to go for a bronze and glowing look, you can also include some colors in your bridal makeup if you want to.

مكياج عرائس لفصل الصيف

Now that you have an idea regarding bridal makeup according to seasons, let's not forget about your skin color and tone, as makeup artists are always explaining that a good makeup look has to compliment the skin tone of the bride. If you have brown hair in shades of chocolate and coffee, then some vibrant colors such as red, wine, metallics, are great on you, and make sure you use black or dark brown eyeliner.

If you have black hair, then you should bring attention to your eyes, a smokey makeup look will look great on you, as well as a glittery lipstick color to make your lips pop. For a more subtle makeup look you can go for lighter earthy colors and bright bold lips.

For brides with red gair, we advise you to pay attention to the colors you choose, you should go for peachy or copper colors, and brown shades, as for the lipstick peach colored lips or dark red or burgundy will compliment your skin tone and hair color.

As for blonde to ash hair colored brides, you should know that you should put on some extra makeup to avoid looking dull, so there are many options and colors that will look great on you as long as you keep the balance between your eyes and lips. For dark or strong eye makeup go for light to nude lips, and the other way around.

مكياج عرائس حسب لون الشعر

Choosing the right and perfect makeup artist is definitely one of the most important things that will affect your makeup look, this is why you should find a mkauep artist that know how to show off your beautiful features. Make sure he knows that you still want to look like yourself and not hide your features. So you can keep on loving your makeup look for years to come.

Remember to always discuss your makeup look with your makeup artist before your wedding day, tell him what you want and how you imagine your bridal look to be, and even show him pictures of makeup looks you like.

Not mention of having a makeup trial before your wedding day to make sure you know how you will look like, and even though you might pay extra for this service, it is worth every penny. So book a makeup trial at least 2 months before you wedding. 

Also make sure not to try a new makeup look or style on your wedding day, always choose a natural look that suits you and that you have always tried. Because choosing the wrong makeup colors and style can make you look a lot older. Read: "4 Makeup Mistakes that Age You"

Every bride has her own makeup style, and usually Arab brides have a different makeup style than brides in other countries, because they have strong features such as dark thick eyebrows, big eyes, and full lips, and they love to show off their beautiful features, check this out for some Arabic inspired bridal makeup.

مكياج عرائس

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