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Everything You Need to Know About Having an Eco-Friendly Wedding

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Everything You Need to Know About Having an Eco-Friendly Wedding

It’s best to be mindful about how you contribute to the earth even during your wedding.

A lot can go on during your big day, and the waste that you will produce on the event could be the least of your worries. Expect a lot of leftover food, useless decor, fresh flowers, and heaps of plastic packaging right after the celebration, not to mention, the carbon footprint that your guests make in getting there.

If this has you worried, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re on the right path to making your wedding as ecologically conscious as possible.

Here are tips and tricks that will help you achieve that green goal:

Outdoor Wedding

Get Hitched Outdoors

You can save big on energy consumption by getting married outdoors during the daytime. A wedding venue on a garden, farm, or even your own backyard significantly sets the tone for your eco-conscious celebration.

If you’re not so keen about outdoor events, there are still ways for you to protect the environment while staying indoors. For instance, you can hold the wedding and reception in one place. This way, guests won’t have to travel from one location to another, reducing fuel emissions and carbon footprint.

For a step further, research nearby hotels that use energy-efficient appliances or support biodegradable materials. This way, you won’t feel so guilty about doing it indoors.

wedding dress

Go for a Hand-Me-Down Dress

Vintage dresses exude a charm like no other and are a great way to protect Mother Earth on your wedding day. You can find preloved wedding gowns that are still in good condition from online shops or even local thrift stores.

Better yet, use a dress that has been passed on through generations within your family. Not only will it hold sentimental value, but it will also give you a classic, elegant vibe like no other. 

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Homemade jam as wedding favor

DIY Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are tricky to plan. Give away useless ones, and they’ll end up in trash bins before you know it.There are a lot of ways you can create eco-friendly favors. You can hand out homemade jam or ground coffee by placing it inside reusable jars. Handmade soaps also make cute thank-you gifts. Make sure to skip the plastic and wrap them in paper. Aside from ecological wedding favors, you can also hand out gifts for your groomsmen and bridesmaids when asking them to be part of your entourage. They’ll appreciate the gesture and give you their resounding yes.


Make Sure to Choose Organic Flowers

The flowers and foliage you use may seem like the least of your worries when planning an ecological wedding. But it turns out that not all flowers are organic. Some farmers use chemicals to repel bugs and insects. This affects the soil and can even cause harm toward the workers that handle the plant. 

To keep you at ease, source your flowers from sustainable suppliers. Some companies offer flowers that are farm to table where they cut the stems and deliver the flowers to you in less time.

And don’t throw away your beautiful flowers just yet after the wedding! There are eco-friendly companies that are willing to pick them up and reuse them later on.

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food at weddings

Choose Your Caterers Wisely

Look for a catering company that aligns with your environmental principles. If the Google searches do not suffice, you can even ask them yourself. Choose one that has good relationships with its farmers.

If your venue only allows in-house catering, you’ll want to inform the chef about your wishes as early as possible. Know where the caterer gets your food, and suggest local alternatives.

Sourcing in-season food from your local butchers and farmers is the best way to go. Ask around the neighborhood. You’ll gather plenty of recommendations about where to get meat and vegetables in your local market. Plus they’re unpackaged and will be much cheaper when they get to you.

Eco friendly wedding

Work with What You Have

With dedication and commitment, a green wedding is possible and can be successful. But remember, there are certain things that are out of your control. Learn to let go of the guilt. The most important thing is that you’re putting in the effort to save the earth in your own simple way.

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