Fake Tan Before Your Wedding

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Fake Tan Before Your Wedding

With winter just being over, chances are you didn’t have time to get a golden glow for your spring wedding, unless you’re living in a warm country.

If you're not liking how white and pale you look, the solution is pretty easy… Fake Tan it!

We are not fans of fake beauty and especially on your wedding day, but sometimes a fake tan can make you glow and look much healthier.

Getting a fake tan before your wedding can be pretty tricky, so read these tips and information before you do anything:

  • Exfoliate before you get a fake tan, to make it last longer.
  • Don't get a dark tan, ever! Aim for a gold glowing tan, not a dark colored one. Pick the lightest shade of tan, to make your look radiant and glowing in your white dress.
  • -Make sure you don't over tan your hands and feet, especially if you are planning to get a spray tan. Make sure you put a barrier cream on your hands, feet (between your toes), nails, elbows and knees as they tend to get darker than the rest of your body.
  • -Test the color; if you're having your tan applied by a professional, make sure you try their work well in advance.
  • -Don't shower directly after your fake tan. It’s a good idea to shower before you tan or the day after.

Now, let's talk about your fake tanning options:

1- Spray/Lotion Tan: This is the easiest and least expensive way to get a fake tan, and you can apply it yourself. Choose a good brand so you avoid the orange color that cheaper options might leave you with.

2- Spray Tanning Booths: Leave it to the professionals; get exfoliated and spray tanned by a professional.

3- Tanning Beds: When you go to a professional tanning salon, they will give you the option of using a tanning bed. You will have to go for more than one visit to the salon if you want to use a tanning bed.

Don't feel pressured to get a fake tan; this is just an option that brides consider before their wedding to get a healthy glow.

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