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4 Tips to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Big Day!

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4 Tips to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Big Day!

When it comes to the wedding, brides believe that the most important thing they need to tend to is their wedding dress. But what’s a gown without the perfect fashion accessories to match it? Here’s a few tips to help you choose the right accessories for your perfect gown…

Start by choosing the wedding dress first

We know it sounds like common knowledge, but brides sometimes have their heart set on a certain headpiece, or a chunky necklace, and somehow expect the wedding dress to just fall into place. So be sure to choose the gown first; accessories will follow…

Be brave, but be realistic

Always keep in mind the purpose behind accessories; they’re there to boost your overall look. You might fall in love with a bulky necklace, or a feathery headpiece, but be sure to pull it off in a way that compliments your style. That being said, remember that you’re a bride, and this is your big day! Now is the time to be bold! We know you can rock it!

Tiaras are back! (Yay!)

With the whole hype around the royal wedding, tiaras are back in style. Trends are shifting towards princess-like, bohemian and vintage-y pieces. Also, flowers and feathers are a look you can look into!

A rainbow of color

Don’t be scared to splash some color onto your wedding outfit, (not literally of course!) Try out a colorful flower on your hair, or some colored feathers with your headpiece ensemble. Some brides also tend to accessorize their look with colored stilettos! Yum!