Abed Mahfouz Wedding Dresses For 2019

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Abed Mahfouz Wedding Dresses For 2019

Lebanese fashion designer Abed Mahfouz is known for his love for luxurious fabrics and intricate beading. Abed Mahfouz released his 2019 bridal collection titled La Femme Rêveuse, and it is absolutely magical.

Abed Mahfouz wedding dresses are every bride's dream come true; this 2019 bridal collection includes bridal ball gowns made from the most luxurious fabrics with unique patterns and prints. The wedding dresses also feature detailed beading to add a touch of sparkle. 

From off the shoulder dresses to open backs, this collection is feminine and delicate. T

ake a look at this breathtaking wedding dress collection by Lebanese fashion designer, Abed Mahfouz, right here: