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Choosing the Right Belt for Your Abaya

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Choosing the Right Belt for Your Abaya

Women these days are interested in modernizing their abayas, and are looking for different accessories, fabrics, and cuts, to have a stylish and elegant abaya.

When it comes to wearing belts with your abayas, there are some tips and tricks you should know about:

  • Colors: Metallic, gold, and silver belts look great on black abayas. If your abaya has a colorful design or embroidery, you can also choose the belt color in the same color of the design on your abaya.

  • Fake Belts: You can add an embroidery, fabric, or design on the waist of your abaya to create the illusion of a belt and smaller waist.

  • How to wear your belt: If you are skinny and have a slim figure, a belt on your waist will give you a curvy shape. If you have a full figure or if you are heavy around the stomach area, avoid a belt at the waist, instead use a thinner and more flexible belt, or wear your belt a bit lower than your chest and higher than your waist.