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Marilyn Monroe Inspired Bridal Look

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Marilyn Monroe Inspired Bridal Look

Marilyn Monroe has always been an iconic actress, model, and singer. And if you love Marilyn Monroe's style, and the 1950's era in general, why not opt for that look on your wedding day?


#1 Let's start with Marilyn's most famous dress of all times, the short white halter neck dress! Marilyn wore this beautiful dress in her movie "The Seven Year Itch" and was designed by William Travilla.



#2 Marilyn's wedding dress, when she married Arthur Miller in 1956.


#3 Marilyn Monroe also wore a beautiful dress 3 months before she died, when she was in New York to sing Happy Birthday to President Kennedy. The star wore a beautiful flesh-colored dress, decorated with 2500 rhinestones, by Jean Louis.


#4 Marilyn wore this white Ballerina dress in a photo shoot called the Ballerina Series.



Marilyn is known for her simple makeup and gorgeous eyes. To get that look…

*Prep your skin with matte foundation and add a small amount of blush on your cheekbones.

*Use black liquid eyeliner to create this 50's-60's look.

*Add false eyelashes to open up your eyes.

*Don't forget the lipstick! Marilyn Monroe was known for her red lipstick.



Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, you can get the Marilyn Monroe look! Roll your hair with hot rollers; add some spray or mouse and you're done!