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Rent, Tailor or Buy Your Wedding Dress?

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Rent, Tailor or Buy Your Wedding Dress?

This question is always asked to and by the bride-to-be! To help you make your mind up, we listed the pros and cons of each option so you can choose what best suits you.


Renting a Wedding Dress:

Renting a wedding dress is the best option for a bride on a tight budget. Wedding dresses at specialized rental boutiques are stored and taken care of properly so that they stay as good as new. Some of the dresses will only be worn once or not even worn at all.

We called Morilee boutique in Amman - Jordan to get more information about this subject, and here is what they had to say:

"Renting a wedding dress in Amman starts from JD200 ($300) and goes up to JD1,200 ($1700), depending on the dress. Bridal shops do adjust the size of the dress to suit the bride-to-be, and they do get the dress dry cleaned before renting it out, if it has been worn before."



-Rental dresses are much cheaper than buying a new dress. Some stores even rent out the veil and shoes as well. You can use the money you saved to spend on your new house or honeymoon!

-You get to return the dress when you're done with it and do not worry about storing it and taking care of it.



-The specific style you want may not always be available at rental stores, so keep your options open, you never know what you might find!

-Other brides will be able to wear the same dress you wore.

-In some stores, they won't allow you to make alterations to the dress, so you have to choose a dress that fits you perfectly.

-Most rental stores have the policy that if you damage the dress you will have to pay to fix it, if it's completely ruined you will have to buy it.


Tailoring a Wedding Dress:  

Having your dress custom made for you is definitely not cheap. So don't expect to save money on this option.



-Having your wedding dress especially tailored made for you, will make it the perfect fit! No need for alterations!

-You get to design and choose the color and fabric of your wedding dress just the way you want it to be.



-This is the part that most brides hate, storing your wedding dress! Make sure you have the space to do so.

-You have to be prepared to go through the hassle of getting your measures taken, fitting sessions, buying and choosing the material.

-As we mentioned previously, having your wedding dress made for you is not the cheapest or easiest option.


Buying a New Wedding Dress:

This option might be the safest option when it comes to getting a wedding dress. You can hit the shops to look for bargains, discounts and affordable dresses, at the same time trying on different styles and looks!



-Buying a new wedding dress will give you more options and variety when shopping.

-The dress you will buy is yours and you won't have to worry about giving it back.

-You get to compare prices and know your options.

-Sizes are always available; even if they’re not, ask the store if they can order your size.



-Depending on the dress and store, prices are never standard.

-Preserving a wedding dress is never easy! You will need storage space, and send it to get dry cleaned.

Remember what matters most is that you look and feel comfortable in what you're wearing! Don't worry about people's opinions. Pick what you think is best for you.


And don't forget that buying a wedding dress or having it tailor-made for you is a great opportunity to keep it as a memory or pass it on to your daughters! But renting a wedding dress is more practical especially if you have a tight budget. You don't need to keep your dress to remind you of how you looked at your wedding day, there are pictures of that!