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Your 2019 Engagement Dress from Tony Wards 2019 SS Collection

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Your 2019 Engagement Dress from Tony Wards 2019 SS Collection

For all brides to be who are looking for their 2019 engagement dress, get ready to fall in love with Tony Ward's 2019 Spring/Summer colllection.

“I like the fact that they’re alone...” was the answer of the designer when asked why Dragonfly is the main inspiration to the Couture Spring/Summer 2019 Collection.

It’s the anatomy of this species that created the pieces. It’s the skeleton of their wings that drew the lines of the collection, whether in the geometric shapes, in the embroideries’ details or on actual standing out wings and beautifully crafted Yana Markova headpieces.

It’s all in the mix of bold statement materials interrupted with transparency and lightweight volumes. The fast beat of the Dragonfly movement is translated into voluptuous shapes, making the pieces move gracefully with each step.

The holographic color palette, ranging from solid deep purple to emerald green is tempered with pastel tones into color changing materials, replicating the Dragonfly’s iridescent body and wings.

“I like the fact that they’re alone,

They stand out in their creative flow”

The skeleton,

The transparency,

The fast beat,

The bold, the graceful movement...

Dissecting the Anatomy of a Wing.