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Your Wedding Dress. Opt for Classic or Trendy?

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Your Wedding Dress. Opt for Classic or Trendy?

It’s quite the dilemma, thinking of which dress to shine in on your wedding day. Should you go for a gown that’s classic and timeless? Or for a stylishly stunning dress? There’s no right answer unfortunately. It is what you want that makes your dress perfect. With that in mind, here are two major directions to guide you…


Classic does not mean boring.

Classic styles don’t have to be boring. A timeless wedding dress can mean sophistication, elegance, and tradition. And when you and your kids are looking back at your wedding album in 20 years, at least they won’t ask you the question “Mom! What were you thinking?”

Several ball gown, empire, sheath, and A-line silhouettes incorporate a classic style, so be sure to check them out.


Trendy does not have to be outrageous and unconventional.

If you’re thinking of a trendy and stylish dress, don’t worry about having an unconventional wedding that goes with it. The latest styles can be bold, avant-garde and fun. So you can make a statement, and show off your sense of style without going overboard.

Keep in mind that opposed to classic wedding gowns, when you are in fact looking back at your wedding pictures in 20 years, your dress might not look as good to you as it did now. But if you don’t mind taking that risk, and you feel comfortable (as well as fabulous) in your dress, then go for it!

Several stylish dresses are found in mermaid, trumpet, short, or colorful gowns, so keep an eye out for those styles when you’re shopping for the big day!


You can, in fact, have your cake and eat it too.

Who said you can’t be a little bit of both, and enjoy what both worlds have to offer?

A lot of gowns this fall add trendy twists to classic styles. And luckily, quite often do trends make powerful comebacks in fashion; so your classic choice can turn out to be hip and stylish.

Also, a trendsetting tip is to mix things up a little bit with the veil and accessories. So, your dress can be very simple and classic, but you can wear an oversized headpiece or a bulky pair of earrings.

One last thing, if you’re happy with your choice, that’s really all that matters.