Fireworks for Your Wedding! One Wow Factor to Use!

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Fireworks for Your Wedding! One Wow Factor to Use!

One way to add a dramatic wow factor to your wedding reception is fireworks! Who doesn’t like the vivid colors and display of fireworks in the sky? Perhaps not the noise, but certainly the beautiful display, colors, and effect.

You will definitely impress your wedding guests if you have a great fireworks display and add interesting energy and thrill to the wedding celebration.

  • First of all, you need to check the local regulations for fireworks with the local fire department, civil defense department, and the city’s municipality. The venue you are holding your wedding at should be able to point you in the right direction, or better yet, get the permissions on your behalf.
  • Fireworks can be dangerous to use, so make sure that they are being handled by a professional team.
  • There are different types of fireworks you need to know about; ground fireworks, which as their name imply are those that come out of ground levels, and aerial fireworks. Ground fireworks are best used at weddings for the couple’s entrance into the wedding reception or if you are coming down a staircase, for example. It would look amazing to have the fireworks light from both sides of the staircase, which gives you a grand entrance into the reception hall. Ground fireworks used outdoors are quite nice around the swimming pool as the light effect gives a wonderful reflection on the surface of the water.
  • For an additional dramatic effect, choose a great music piece to accompany the fireworks.

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