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When a bride starts looking at her wedding planning checklist, the first thing on the top of her list is finding the right wedding venue. A wedding venue can really make or break your wedding, why? Because if you don't choose the right wedding venue then it will not serve your other wedding elements. A wedding venue should be chosen with the season and weather in mind, the budget, and the location of the venue as well. Choosing your wedding venue is not an easy task; you are likely to be overwhelmed with the options, or can’t seem to find any place to have your wedding.

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most important planning decisions you will make. This is dictated by many factors including the number of guests you wish to invite, whether you would like to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding, the time of the year you are getting married in, and your budget. 

Any venue can make a memorable wedding experience, whether it is a hotel, a restaurant or a club, a private residence or a farm, or even a historic or cultural venue. For example, outdoor wedding venues need specific details that don't have to be included in indoor wedding venues. And if you are not having a big number of wedding guests then you can look for small wedding venues

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In this special section about wedding venues, you will find everything you need about wedding venues, from choosing the right wedding venue to the best wedding venue tips and advice to unique wedding venue ideas and inspirations. This is all to help the bride and groom plan their wedding without any hassle or confusion. If you found your wedding venue but need some advice on the seating plan or any other detail you will find this all here.

Choosing your wedding venue is not an easy task; you are likely to be overwhelmed with the options, or can’t seem to find any place to have your wedding. Once you start venue hunting, make sure you have the following list of questions and write down every answer you get so you can then decide which venue suits you best.

  • What is the cost of booking the wedding venue? In most cases, the cost is per person and includes the setup and catering.
  • Are there any additional taxes and service fees?
  • How much deposit will you have to pay and by when?
  • What are the cancelation notice conditions?
  • When do you have to settle the full payment?
  • Can you increase or reduce the number of guests? How much time do you have for this?
  • Do they have a wedding package available that includes music, dance floor, flowers, and other wedding planning elements? 
  • Are there any noise restrictions? What is the time for the entertainment to stop, particularly if it’s held outdoors?
  • Can you use a wedding planner of your own or do they have a nominated wedding planner that you must use?
  • Would you be able to taste the sample menus?
  • Does the venue have a dance floor?
  • Is the wedding cake offered as part of the package? Is it real or fake?