Statement Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Statement Wedding Ideas on a Budget

One of the top secrets in wedding planning is that your wedding is not about how much it costs but is actually about how you make it look.

If you’re planning your wedding on a tight budget, but you still want it to look expensive and glamorous, it is not too late to start getting creative!

Remember that you can add some magical details to your wedding to make it look like you spent a lot more than you actually did.

Here are some statement ideas to make your dream wedding look expensive:

Go to Nature: Whether its twigs, leafs, vines, or rocks,  u can use as many as you want and any way you want as well, whether you color them or leave them natural these natural elements will save you a lot of money. Use them in your centerpieces, table setting, and even your photo booth backdrop.



Play with Heights: Make your centerpieces look more expensive by using more than one vase or votive and placing some of them on boxes or other items to elevate them, do the same with candles and you have yourself a fancy centerpiece.



Choose Your Accessories: You can find inexpensive accessories that can add a lot to your wedding, such as ribbons, fake crystals and pearls,  fabric, and even feathers.