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Henna Parties & Bridal Showers

Your wedding day is not the only special day you will celebrate your love in, there are many pre-wedding events that will take place before your wedding that you need to plan for and get ready for, from your magical henna night to your beautiful bridal shower, you will need all the help and inspiration you can get, and you will find it all here in this section.

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One of the most fun pre-wedding events a bride can have is her henna party or bridal shower, some choose to have a traditional henna night with an oriental theme, while others choose a modern bridal shower party. No matter what you perfer having a party before your wedding is always fun and exciting.

Is the henna night different from the bridal shower? While the concept might be the same, but they differ in style, for example let us start with the henna party, a henna night is more traditional and focuses on the grooming of the bride. When hosting a henna night, there are standards and traditions that should be taken into consideration. It always has the same theme. You should always stick to the oriental theme when it comes to your henna night. After all, that’s what it's all about right? Most brides these days have a special and intimate henna night before the wedding, where henna is applied to their hands and feet in different shapes and designs.As for the bridal shower it can be any theme you want it to be, and the guests can play fun games related to the bride and the wedding.

Whether you choose a bridal shower or a henna party before your wedding day it is always a great way to bring your female friends and family members together to have fun and enjoy each other's company.  In this section we will gather for you all the latest and most creative bridal shower ideas and henna party ideas, you will find ideas such as bridal shower favors, bridal shower themes, wedding shower decorations, and henna night tips, and so much more, all in one great section. So start planning your henna or bridal shower and have some fun with your friends and family.