Get Straight Teeth For Your Wedding Day

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Get Straight Teeth For Your Wedding Day

Complete your wedding day look with a perfect straight smile!

Straighten your teeth with OneTwoSmile clear aligners in an average of 6 months without the hassle of clinic visits or metal brackets and wires.

Your wedding day should be perfect. That includes everything from the venue to the cake, flowers, dress, photographer, and yes, your smile. On your wedding day, you don’t want to feel embarrassed about your crooked teeth. You want to be smiling confidently in every photo.

Clear Aligners by OneTwoSmile

But we know you’re busy planning your wedding, which is why we recommend straightening your teeth with clear aligners. The best part? They ship the aligners to your door!

OneTwoSmile is perfect for the bride-to-be since no clinic visits are required once you start your treatment. This way you can spend your time planning your wedding instead of sitting in a waiting room at the dentist’s office.

Here’s how to straighten your teeth with OneTwoSmile:

OneTwo Smile Clear Alighners

  1. Upload images of your teeth for a free assessment. OneTwoSmile will make sure you qualify for OneTwoSmile and give you an estimated treatment period.
  2. Book an appointment for a 3D scan. From the 3D scan, OneTwoSmile creates a personalized video showing the step by step movements of your teeth with OneTwoSmile aligners.
  3. Approve your Digital Treatment Plan, and get started!

After your aligners are shipped to your door, you will wear each set for at least 22 hours per day. Every two weeks, you will move onto the next set of aligners. Slowly, but surely, your teeth will move into alignment and be perfect for your big day, and no one will know you were wearing aligners on your teeth during your treatment!

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