GQ’s Favorite Grooming Products

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GQ’s Favorite Grooming Products

GQ shared their favorite grooming products of 2012, so we had to share them with you to benefit from them in 2013. These guys know what they’re talking about!

Clarisonic Mia

“It wasn't just that our complexions cleared up. The overall quality of our skin improved. Try it twice a week in the shower, on a scruffy day. The extra exfoliating makes for the perfect preamble to shaving.”

SircuitCosmeceuticals I. Cee. U.+

“This paraben-and-preservative free eye serum is a life jacket for guys who like to keep things natural but also do a little raging. Wake up, dab a bit around your eyes, and it'll help erase bags, dark circles.”

Dolce &Gabbana Pour Homme

“Your foremost concern with cologne should obviously be finding something you really like, something you don't mind smelling for twelve or more hours a day. But should you happen to want a juice that's trending, there wasn't a bigger thing this year in the fragrance world than florals. (Yup, flower smells for guys.) D&G's sweet concoction has a hit of iris, a rare ingredient that turn-of-the-century dandies swore by. Perfect for refined dudes with serious swagger.”

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Nail Clippers

“The real reason to buy them,  is the built-in trap, which catches stray clippings from flying across the floor. A quick shake in the trash, and all the evidence is gone.”

Clarks Botanical Ultra-Rich Lip Balm

“Were not sure if it's actually the "marine collagen microspheres" or moisturizing shea butter that does the trick, but Clark's lip balm is one of those rare chapped-mouth remedies that doesn't feel like it's breeding dependency. If you happen to develop an addiction, it'll be to the barely-there hint of vanilla.”

Colgate Wisps            

“You aren't prepared at work if your desk isn't stocked with these; actual brushing at work is too much of a pain, and skipping the garlic chicken at lunch is not an option. They're damn easy to use: You peel off the wrapper and scrub like you normally would, no water needed. Skip the four-pack they sell at almost every drugstore counter, and go for the bag of 16 instead.”

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