The Groom’s Last Night as a Bachelor: Party On!

The Groom’s Last Night as a Bachelor: Party On!

Usually brides-to-be take the spotlight from the groom-to-be, but even grooms must celebrate this important time in their lives!
Whether the groom's relatives, friends or even his bride want to throw him a bachelor party before his wedding, here are some great ideas and tips:

The first thing to be addressed is choosing a venue. The bachelor party can be held at home, at a restaurant, a lounge, a sports club or even at a spa if the groom is looking for a day of relaxation with his boys. It can also be a weekend getaway for the groom and his groomsmen, brothers, cousins and friends.

If you’re planning a bachelor party for the groom, here’s what you need to do:

-Send the invitations to the most important men in the groom's life.

We are loving these giveaway ideas for the guests:

-Don't worry about the decoration so much, men don't tend to notice details, a few balloons and funny touches here and there are more than enough! Check this cute idea for cups:

-We all know men love food!

And no party is complete without a yummy buffet to satisfy everyone!A great idea that we suggest is having a ‘Potato Bar’! Yes, a potato bar, with all types of potatoes: french fries, baked potatoes, wedges, potato skins, potatoes with beef and turkey, and basically anything potatoe.

Put them on a buffet and add all sorts of toppings, make the gentlemen create their own potato plates and dressings, be creative with the toppings, and don't just serve ketchup and mayonnaise! Have all sorts of cheeses, onions, garlic, cold cuts and anything else that comes to mind.

-If the groom and his posse want to have drinks to celebrate, make sure the bachelor party isn’t only a day or two before the wedding. There’s absolutely no need to ruin the big day with a massive hangover.

-And since the bachelor party is a symbolic gesture held to say goodbye to bachelorhood, the groom’s friends could go wild and plan a funny or naughty surprise, but be careful not to upset the bride!