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Your Guide to The Perfect Bridal Shower

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Your Guide to The Perfect Bridal Shower

One of the few things you don’t need to plan or stress about is your bridal shower… thankfully! All you hopefully need to worry about is having a blast on the day of the party, and just let go!

The whole point of a bridal shower is for the bride to spend some relaxing time with her close friends and family. It’s a time to share fun stories and advice, and possibly play a few bridal games!

Usually, it’s the bride’s close friends, sister, or bridesmaids plan the shower, and there are a number of bachelorette festivities that they can hold.

Whether you’re having a girls’ night out with your girlfriends, or having a get together at your best friend’s place, here is everything you need to know from tips to ideas to plan the perfect bridal shower.

  • The event usually takes place a few weeks before the big day.
  • Don't invite guests who have not been invited to the wedding.
  • Decide on the theme, whether you want it to be a beauty day at the spa, (Turkish or Moroccan baths can be both relaxing as well as entertaining and pampering for guests), or do you want it to be a wild energetic get-together with your girlfriends. Some popular themes include lingerie showers, kitchen item showers and Middle Eastern parties. The bride can go back in time to A Thousand and One Nights theme and all guests can dress up in Ancient Arabian costumes and dance the night away, for example. 

Want some bridal shower theme ideas? Here are some great ones:



Any time of day is acceptable, but most often showers are afternoon events.

It’s a good idea to play a few games during the shower so that all guests can mingle and get to know each other better. Famous games include ‘toilet paper bride’, ’20 questions’, or any game that would act as an ice breaker. 


Check out more fun games here:

It is encouraged to register for gifts; it is quite common for friends and family to give the bride presents during the shower. 

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  • A nice addition to the shower party can be going away gifts; small party favors that act as thank-you’s. They can be traditional favors such as small boxes of candy, or an extension to the theme of the shower, like scarves, t-shirts or scented drawer sachets at a lingerie shower.


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