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Groom Fashion Rules To Follow

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Groom Fashion Rules To Follow

A grooms suit and wedding outfit is as important as the bride's look on the wedding day, sure picking a groom's suit is easier than finding the perfect dress, but it can also be very tricky and confusing.

When it comes to choosing the perfect suit for your wedding there are many elements that make it a good or bad suit.

So to help you look your best, we are sharing some fashion rules that every groom-to-be should follow when choosing his wedding suit or tuxedo.

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Here are some groom fashion rules we advise you to follow:

  • Your Suit Should Fit Your Wedding Style: 

The suit or tuxedo you choose should fit the style of the wedding venue and wedding style or vibe, so if you're having your wedding in a ballroom, we advise you to wear a formal tuxedo with black bow-tie, if you're having a more casual wedding theme then you are free to wear a more casual or light colored suit.

  • Choose The Right Suit For Your Body Type:

Some men think that any style of suit or tuxedos works for them, but this is not true, if you're tall and thin then most tuxedos and suits suit your body, if you are too thin and want to add some size to your shoulders, then a double-breasted suit is what you need.

For a fuller figure that needs some slimming down, a fitted suit with a nip in the waist will make you look thinner.


"Fashion Tips for the Overweight Groom"

  • Choose Unique Accessories:

A groom can add his unique touch to his suit or tuxedo, all you have to do is add some unique details to your look, such as a special buttoniere, unique cufflings, or colorful socks.

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