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When your wedding day finally arrives, you'll have been meticulously preparing for months on end, unfortunately your future husband is probably planning to spend a full five minutes prepping for the big event.

Here's how to have him looking dapper standing next to you:

Three months to go:

Skincare: If he's anything like the guys we know, he probably washes his face with body wash or shampoo and leaves it at that. Have him begin a proper skincare regimen at least 3 months in advance. Also make sure to introduce a good exfoliating product into his weekly routine.

Teeth: Men don't tend to be as diligent about brushing or flossing, thus coffee stains can present a major issue in photographs. Get his handsome grin to sparkle with a sonic toothbrush and at home whitening strips.

One Week to Go:

Hair: Never leave less than a week to the wedding to have the groom go in for a trim; you don't want him to look like he just rushed to the barber right before the wedding. This also leaves adequate time for a really bad cut to grow in a bit in case of disaster. It's also a good idea to discuss how he plans to wear his hair to the wedding; otherwise you might be in for a very special surprise.

Skincare: If the groom is particularly pasty, it's a good idea to introduce him to a gradual self-tanner that develops over time, they're idiot proof (not that we're implying anything) and easily customizable so he doesn't show up like a bright orange oompa loompa. Also, any ingrown hairs on his face need to be addressed now with anti-ingrown pads so they have time to heal properly.

The Big Day:

Shave: Instead of using his old razor, have him go to the barber's for a straight razor shave, especially if he wears any kind of mustache or beard. Straight razor shaves give the closest and most accurate results so his 5 o'clock shadow won't show by the end of the evening's festivities.

Hands: This one might take some not-so-subtle coercing, but have him get a real manicure. From cutting the cake to exchanging rings his hands will be photographed and observed by everyone, not to mention you won't want a rough cuticle to snag the delicate fabric of your dress. A salon or spa package specially geared towards grooms to be might help ease him into the idea.

Brows: Whether he's sporting a full-on-uni-brow or just a scattering of stray hairs, make sure any stragglers are plucked out the morning of to allow adequate time for any redness and swelling to calm down. Also, any ear or nose hair must be eradicated post haste.

Skincare: Have him apply a mattifying gel to the T-zone and keep a little pack of oil-absorbing sheets in his pocket for touchups in between photos. There's nothing worse than an immaculate bride standing next to a greasy sweaty groom! Also if he's an excessive sweater, a small amount of clear antiperspirant gel can be spread over the face to control it.

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