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Guide for the Bride's Preparation on Her Big Day

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Guide for the Bride's Preparation on Her Big Day

Every little girl’s dream is to see herself as a princess on her wedding day. That dream is coming true and your big day is just a few months away. Are you ready?

Loads of mixed feelings may be occupying your thoughts now, but no need to worry. We are here to offer you a handy countdown guide on how to prepare your big day.

Six Months Out

Don’t be scared! Six months to the wedding is enough to decide on your long-awaited bridal look. You want to choose the style of your wedding dress and try to find it in stores, or have it custom made.The dress may be the obvious thing to captivate the guests’ and the groom’s eyes, but what’s under the dress is just as important. Make sure you choose your wedding dress undergarments too; they need to be comfy, spicy, and flirtatious. Also, you want to decide where the wedding will be taking place and where the honeymoon will be. During this period, you can also address any skin and hair issues to help you look flawless on your big day.

Four Months Out

At this stage, you want to manage all your appointments and make quick bookings for your hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer, and wedding planner. You don’t want to delay this step as they can be booked on the same day; you surely don't want that. Plus, you want to book them early to be able to try out the whole look and see how you feel about it as you may feel like changing a few, or many, things when you see the final outcome.

Makeup Preparation for Bride

Wedding makeup for Mariam by Fady Kataya

Two Months Out

You should feel more relaxed now since the major things have been taken care of. You need, ideally, 3 dress fittings before the wedding, especially if you’re having it tailored.You want to make sure the dress fits your body properly and that you haven’t gained or lost weight. You should stick to a diet to maintain that weight; chocolates and cakes should be crossed off of your daily menu! This is also a suitable time to start sending your wedding invitations; you want to notify people ahead of time especially if they haven’t received save-the-date cards.

One Week To Go - Wedding Day!

Tick tock! It’s one week to the wedding already, yay! Make sure you stay stress-free. You want to pamper yourself and feel beautiful in every way. Take some time to visit a spa, have a relaxing massage, get a manicure and pedicure, and dye your hair, if you feel like it. On your wedding - besides looking gorgeous - make sure to stay hydrated and enjoy every moment of the special day. Five years from now you want to remember it and say “that was the happiest day of my life.”

Nothing is more important to an engaged woman than her big day. She wants to feel special and wants everything to go as planned. As a bride, you should understand that a few things might slip on that day, but that shouldn’t make you any less happy. Make sure you enjoy it all and ensure that you prepare it ahead of time by applying the tips above.

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