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Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding During Ramadan

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Tips to Help You Plan Your Wedding During Ramadan

Are you planning on having your wedding right after Ramadan? Then you certainly don’t have enough time to leave any planning details until after it’s over. So start planning for your wedding in Ramadan!

Many brides think that they can't continue their wedding planning process during Ramadan, or pause and postpone some wedding tasks.

But we are here to help you check some wedding planning tasks off your wedding checklist and plan your wedding in Ramadan.

Here is what you need to do before and during the holy month of Ramadan.


Dentist Appointment

Go to your dentist before the holy month even starts. Fix your teeth and whiten them for a perfect, glowing smile on your big day.

wedding venue

Book Your Venue

Ramadan or not, you should book your venue way before your wedding date, especially if Ramadan is coming up, as hotels and ballrooms are normally fully booked right after Ramadan. 

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Do Some Shopping

Remember that shops have different opening times during Ramadan, as most of them usually close during the day and open after Iftar, or vice versa. So plan carefully and check out the opening times of the stores you have your eye on. So why not start shopping for all your wedding and bridal needs, even some furniture, and accessories for your home.

Wedding Invitations

Contact Your Wedding Guests

Make sure you notify your guests of your wedding date if you have not sent your invitations yet, particularly if you have friends and family members attending your wedding from abroad. They need to make travel plans during a busy post-Ramadan season. Sending out your wedding invitation won't take much effort and you can easily finish this task during Ramadan.

Wedding Suppliers

Contact Your Wedding Suppliers

Book your photographer and videographer and DJ before Ramadan. Again, many weddings happen during Eid Al Fitr holiday, so venues, photographers, and DJs are usually fully booked! Check out our wedding directory and get to know the top wedding vendors in your city!


Start a Fitness Routine

Most people gain weight in Ramadan, with all the dinners and suhoor you will be invited to. Make sure you don't ruin your diet. Start a fitness routine or consult a dietician if you wish to lose weight before your wedding or just maintain your current weight. You want your wedding dress to fit well!

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Beauty Routine

Start a Beauty Routine

Book a couple of makeup and hairstyle rehearsals and select your make-up artist and hairstylist. Use the month of Ramadan to take care of your skin and try on some of our DIY beauty, which includes facials and scrubs. Remember to drink lots of water after Iftar to replenish your skin’s moisture content and stay hydrated.

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Gift Registry

Finish Your Gift Registry

Select your wedding registry lists (bridal registry) from stores you would like your guests to purchase your gifts from. Again, check their opening hours during Ramadan.

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Henna Night

Henna Night

Don’t scrape off the whole month from your planning calendar. Consider having your henna party or bridal shower during Ramadan. An oriental theme will be perfect during this period.


Plan Your Honeymoon

Reconfirm your honeymoon, travel, and hotel plans. Make sure your official papers are valid and that you apply for visas before Eid Al Fitr holiday begins.

Want to start packing early? Check out this easy honeymoon packing checklist we have for you!

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