7 Tips to Calm You Down on Your Wedding Day

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7 Tips to Calm You Down on Your Wedding Day

No matter what, you will feel nervous on your wedding day. But you can minimize your wedding day jitters by following these tips:

  • Get plenty of sleep. Avoid late night parties the week of your wedding, particularly the last night.
  • Visualize your wedding day throughout the wedding planning period. Picture every moment of your wedding day from waking up until the end of the day. This helps with your mental and emotional preparation.
  • Eat a balanced breakfast of light protein and natural carbohydrates to keep your energy level and blood sugar stable.
  • Delegate last-minute jobs to someone you trust and who can deal with sudden issues without bothering you.
  • Do some deep breathing as you get ready. This has a calming effect on the body physically and mentally.
  • Keep everything in perspective and don’t fuss about the small details. Nobody will notice the little things that are not exactly as you had planned them.
  • Have fun. Revel in all the magical moments from beginning to end.
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