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Burn Calories with Everyday Activities

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Burn Calories with Everyday Activities

As a bride to be you are always busy and on the go, and you might not have time to spend and hour at the gym, and that’s ok.

Here are some activities you can do at home that will help you burn lots of calories:

Burn calories while you shop: Shopping for 1 hour can burn up to 300 calories! Read our article "Stay Fit While You’re Running Around for Your Wedding"

Moving: Moving into your new house can make you burn calories like crazy, with all the packing and unpacking. So forget about hiring a professional to help you move and get at it yourself.

Sleeping: You need your beauty sleep, and lucky for you sleeping for 8 hours can help you burn 350 calories.

Cleaning: Don’t hire someone to clean your new house, do it yourself and burn up to 350-400 calories an hour.

Cooking: Cook for your partner and burn around 100 calories, now you won’t feel as guilty when you’re having dinner.