Stay Fit While You’re Running Around for Your Wedding

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Stay Fit While You’re Running Around for Your Wedding

We understand that as a bride-to-be you are always on the go, and as you get closer to the wedding, you might not have enough time to exercise at all. So how about you make use of the time you spend running around and making things happen for the wedding, and have that be your workout?

Follow these few tips and tricks that will help you workout while you actually shop for your wedding or run some errands:

  • Wear your gym shoes: Wear training shoes when you go out, you will move faster and feel more comfortable to walk for more hours.
  • Carry your bags: Use your bags as weights! And while walking from time to time, try lifting your shopping bags, just like you do with weights.
  • Take the stairs: Skip the elevators and escalators and burn more calories.
  • Park far away: Park far away from your shopping area or mall and walk.
  • Raise your heels: While standing in lines, raise your heels and then lower them back down a few times to work your muscles.
  • Walk Faster: Make sure you walk a bit faster when going from one store to another.
  • Try on clothes: Buying or not, trying on clothes can help you burn calories.
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