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How to Avoid Weight Gain After Your Wedding

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How to Avoid Weight Gain After Your Wedding

We know every bride tries to watch her weight before her wedding, but how many actually stay motivated once the wedding is over?
Many brides start gaining weight after the wedding, as they tend to overeat during their honeymoon and family gatherings. They’re also more relaxed now that the wedding hoopla is over, and they’re not as stressed out as before.

We are here to help you avoid gaining weight after your wedding:

Don’t give in to the coziness: Now that you’re married, you probably won’t mind staying in your sweats or training suit all day, most people get more comfortable after they get married and start to care less about their appearance because they are not trying to impress their partner anymore.

Cook at home: Yes it might be just the 2 of you, and going to a restaurant or ordering food can be much easier, but think again! Cooking at home is not only healthier, it can be a lot of fun if you and your partner cook together.

Stay active: If your partner hates to exercise and would rather stay home and watch a movie, don’t pick up their bad habits, instead try and motivate your partner and workout together.

Eat moderately: Yes we know family gatherings are driving you crazy now, and you can’t seem to maintain a healthy diet. It’s okay if you overeat at a gathering if you make sure you workout and detox the next day.