Jessica Alba’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Jessica Alba’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Hollywood star Jessica Alba is known for her perfect figure, but a body like hers doesn’t come easy, and thanks to Yumi Lee co-owner of Reebok CrossFit Lab and celebrity trainer who worked with Jessica Alba, we now know what it takes to have a Jessica Alba figure.

"The number one rule for people who are trying to lose weight is to find a lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life," Yumi Lee told FitSugar.

  • Breakfast: Start your day with a workout or a healthy breakfast within an hour of waking up. "One or the other is gonna jump-start your metabolism," she advises.
  • Love your workout: Dreading your workout won't help you shed pounds, so take the time to find a way to exercise that is fun for you. "If you're fighting it the whole time, your body is smart, it'll lock on to everything," she warns.
  • Small and Frequent: She recommends small, frequent meals throughout the day, aiming to make healthy choices %80 of the time.

  • Listen to your body: Pushing yourself too much will only lead to burn out, so make sure you keep up a workout routine that's sustainable, not exhausting. "If you're trying to work out twice a day to lose weight, it's just not effective," Yumi explains. "Your body will burn out and you'll probably have injury, and then you can't work out for a week. And then you feel awful. It's a vicious cycle."
  • Drink lots of water: "Most people are dehydrated, and they don't even know it until it's too late," she says.
  • Have a positive attitude: "If you go into everything or anything you do with a positive attitude, then you can't help but have a good day. Smile a lot, and when you have a chance, make someone else's day," she suggests.

Source: FitSugar