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Why You Should Start Doing Pilates

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Why You Should Start Doing Pilates

If you are looking for the perfect workout to have the perfect body on your wedding day, Pilates is your go to exercise!

Here are some pointers by Fitness 360 gym based in Dubai, on why Pilates is great for you:

  • Pilates is a total body conditioning type of exercise that helps improve muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility.
  • Pilates Exercises are based on the following basic principles:  Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Rib Cage Placement, Scapular Movement and Stabilization and Head and Cervical Placement.
  • It puts emphasis on correct postural alignment through stability and mobility exercises to balance muscular strength in all planes of the body.
  • It enhances body and spatial awareness through mindful exercises.  It allows the body to feel the muscles involve in the exercise and the body part's position in relation to the rest of the body with the help of the instructor.
  • It is an effective complimentary exercise most especially for anyone who is undergoing physiotherapy or post rehabilitation treatments.

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