Honeymoon Destination: Go Africa. Go Kenya!

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Honeymoon Destination: Go Africa. Go Kenya!

Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, Kenya is the perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon!

One of the most interesting and fun things one should do in Kenya is a honeymoon safari where you spend a few days in Kenya's national parks or reserve watching the beautiful African wildlife while staying in a tented camp.

You also shouldn't miss the Kenya coast, where you can relax and enjoy the Indian Ocean.

Places to visit:


Not only is Nairobi a cosmopolitan city and the capital of Kenya, but it also has the most wildlife in the world, which makes it a perfect safari destination. Nairobi has many parks and open spaces throughout the city. Much of the city has dense tree-cover and plenty of green spaces. The most famous park in Nairobi is Uhuru Park.


Located on Kenya’s Eastern coastline bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has the best beaches in the world!

Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya, boasts cultural and historic diversity, as it traces many of its cultural traditions to former Portuguese, Arab and British settlers, all of which have left a lasting influence on the City’s food, architecture, and people.

Tsavo National Park

Visit one of the oldest and largest national parks in the world, which covers 4% of Kenya's total land area!

Major attractions in the Tsavo East National Park include the Mudana Rock, Yatta Plateau, Lugard Falls, Aruba Dam and, of course, mammals and birds, as Tsavo East National Park is one of the world's largest game reserves.

Cultural Visits:

It is great to visit farms and meet with the local community when in Nairobi to learn about Nairobi’s rural life and diverse culture. Get involved in cultural activities and enjoy traditional songs, dances and food.

Where to Stay:

Baobab Beach Resort and Spa:

"The Baobab Beach Resort and Spa is set within 80 acres of tropical gardens, overlooking the Indian Ocean. Guests may utilize leisure facilities across the resort including 3 swimming pools, dining areas and much more. 
Baobab Beach Resort and Spa is renowned as Kenya's leading all-inclusive resort and takes pride in an exemplary level of service and attention to detail."

InterContinental Nairobi:

"InterContinental Nairobi has for years been an oasis of comfort for business travelers as well as those who want to experience the wonders of Africa."

Facts to know:

Population: 41 million  
Currency: Shilling (Click here for currency converter)  
Temprature: Click here!  
Visas: Visas are required, and may be obtained on entry; passport photos are not required. However, multiple-entry visas cannot be issued at the point of entry, and must be obtained in advance through Kenya’s embassies.  
Google.map: Click here!  


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