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Spend Your Dream Honeymoon in Indonesia

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Spend Your Dream Honeymoon in Indonesia

There is no place that resembles Indonesia for your honeymoon, Indonesia is a heaven for newlyweds lookin for a once in a lifetime experience.

Visit the Indonesian islands and enjoy the white sandy beaches, beautiful islands, wild woods, and azure waters.

A honeymoon in Indonesia is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Indonesia is filled with beautiful places and islands for you to visit during your honeymoon.

Here are just a few of these fabulous places for you to visit while on your honeymoon in Indonesia:

Jakarta:  Indonesia's massive capital offers great dining experience, hotels, vibrant night life and shopping malls.


The Hanging Gardens: Located just outside of the town of Ubub up above the mountains. The Hanging Gardens hotel is surrounded by rice fields, ancient temples and rainforest.


Bali: Bali is also nicknamed  Land of the Gods, where you can spend time at a tropical paradise, one of the top beaches in Bali is Ulawutu, Bali’s surfing mecca. 


Ubud, Bali: Ubud is known for its tourist attractions, its beautiful rice fields and wild forests are enclosed by cliff and rivers.


Lombok: A peaceful and laid back island, referred to as mini-Bali, famous fow its white beaches, forests, and hiking routes, Lombok has all the details for a fun and romantic honetmoon.


Komodo Islands: Komodo is famous for its Batu Bolong, Pink Beach, Merah Beach, Tatawa Islands and the Komodo National Park.


Ora Beach: A unique beach for honeymooners to unwind and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Sawai Bay, the beach is also famous for diving and snorkeling. 


Yogyakarta: Experience Indonesia's religious and spiritual side in Yogykarta, you will love the historical culture offer Yogykarta has to, the island is also famous for its beautiful mountains.