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An Amazing Bali Honeymoon

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Bali Honeymoon

Bali is one of the most romantic tropical islands in the world and the most beautiful island in Indonesia; it is the perfect place for a relaxing and romantic Bali honeymoon. You’ll find unique experiences, beautiful nature, and luxurious facilities. You will not regret having your Bali honeymoon.

You will enjoy walking through and passing by beautiful mountains, rivers, rice fields, beaches, and coasts.

There are many activities in Bali close to the coast and others close to the mountains, the variety of landscapes makes it a suitable place for tourism.

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If you like to relax, Bali has some of the best Bali resorts honeymoons. If you want an adventure and want to try new things, of course, you will find it all there.

Can’t make a choice about where to go on your Bali honeymoon? Check out some of your options.

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Bali’s commercial and social hub, known for the Bali Museum. Southern Bali is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts.

It has a special charm as a place where modernity and Balinese culture are blended flawlessly. This city is also the place where the Bali Festival of Art is held annually. The city of Denpasar has been the capital of the island of Bali since 1958, replacing the former capital of Singaraja in the north, and has since rapidly grown in population and economy.

Kuta Beach, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua

Kuta Beach, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua

On the Bukit Peninsula, they are the most famous areas for tourists. In Nusa Dua there is a variety of flowers and plants, as well as palm trees and wild mangroves, aromatic trees and orchards surrounding the blue surface. The beach attracts families and swimmers from around the world.

Kuta Beach features high waves and strong currents, making it suitable for surfing enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning that the beach is always crowded with tourists.



Known as the Village of Painters, it is the artistic center of central Bali and has a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions. It has beautiful forests and rice plantations.

​Mount Agung

​Mount Agung

A massive volcano which occupies most of the landscape along with Mount Batur.

Bali Festivals

Dancing and Festivals

You have to find a celebration at a temple in Bali, and you'll be amazed at the vibrant atmosphere of different colors. Make sure to attend a show at the Royal Palace in Ubud, where amazing daily performances are held. And don't miss out on the performances by Zora Puri Anom Tijihi Batubolan in Batupolan.

Ubud Royal Palace

Temples and Palaces

With the thousands of temples in Bali, you must visit Puri Sarin Agung / Royal Palace in Ubud, Pasakiye Temple on the ruins of Mount Agung, the Uluwatu Temple on the Bukit Peninsula slope, and the Bora Olon Dano Batur temple on the ruins of Mount Batur.

The temples are usually open to visitors at a certain time of day.


Discover Volcanoes

Be sure to discover Mount Bator and Mount Agung, two of the largest and highest mountains in Bali.



If you like exploration and animals, you can visit Bali Safari and Marine Park, where more than 50 species of animals and marine life are gathered.

There are many tours such as feeding elephants, and deer, playing with monkeys and predatory piranhas, and evening tours that include watching animals close in a car surrounded by a cage to guard you against lions and tigers showing their vitality at night.

Go on bat tours and owl tours, and then watch traditional dance performances, fireworks and enjoy barbecues in an exciting atmosphere.

Submarine Bali

Submarine Tour

What do you think about watching fish, sea turtles and sharks closely with a piece of cake? If you visit Bali, this is one of the most beautiful experiences you have to do because of the multitude of marine life there.

You can dive deep into the Odyssey, which can accommodate 36 people and take 45 minutes.


Bali Waterpark

Watrobom Water Park is ranked as the best water park in Asia and the 3rd best water park in the world.

Waterbom is suitable for all ages and includes a large number of unique games.

If you do not like any of the existing games and pools, there is a special section for relaxation, massages, nail care and fish feet treatments.

Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools Overlooking The Ocean

Swimming pools are one of the most important facilities of the hotel but are available in all hotels around the world. What do you think of trying something new during your trip to Bali and swimming in the pools overlooking the sea?

You will feel that you are swimming among the clouds in this pond, and do not forget to watch the sunset from inside the amazing pool.

This type of pools is found in many hotels in Bali, most notably the Munduk Modding Plantation, which is ideal for newlyweds.

Bali Sunset

Watching The Sunset

Do not miss the opportunity to see the sunset from the Oulu Watu Temple, located in the village of Pikato, located in the southern part of the island of Bali, 25 km away from the city of Denpasar.

You can also see the traditional dancing in the temple, sit around the fire and learn about the islanders' culture.

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