How to Make Use of Natural Decorations for a Wedding Ceremony

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How to Make Use of Natural Decorations for a Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is one of the most important days of our lives; it is the day you become officially joined to your sweetheart. It's not only a day for the two of you to enjoy; it's also a day to be shared with friends and family.

After the pandemic hit, a vacation wedding became a distant dream. However, we can transport the ambience of your dream destination wedding into your own house with these easy yet magnificent wedding home decor ideas. We have a whole list of décor ideas that will boost the aesthetic of your house and make it more festive, from flowery centrepieces and fun eco-friendly setups to some adventurous cocktail party decor.

Here are nine ways to use natural decorations for your wedding. 

Let's look at some ways to decorate your wedding venue naturally.

Beautiful Ceiling

1. A Breathtaking Ceiling

Natural decoration creates the ambience of an outdoor environment and can be used as a stunning focal point for a wedding ceremony. A breathtaking ceiling can transform a venue into something magical, and there are more than a few ways to do so. This setting highlights the beauty of nature with flowering plants, fragrant blooms, as well as vines to give added depth and character to the room. Another idea would be to hang colourful fabrics from the ceiling.


2. Homemade Flower Bouquets

Give your wedding that personal touch with homemade flower bouquets. Your floral decor doesn't need to be expensive. You can make flower bouquets yourself. It's not complicated at all. Homemade bouquets are like the icing on the cake, whether you choose roses or daisies. To make a beautiful homemade flower bouquet you can use various shades of Magenta Flowers or any other colour of your choice. If you can access the necessary floral tools, you can make a beautiful and unique bouquet that will impress anyone in attendance. They give your guests a greater sense of the theme and purpose of your wedding.


3. Illuminated Backdrop

The illuminated backdrop is one of the most common and affordable ways to set the scene for the wedding ceremony. It's particularly beneficial in large spaces or venues that might otherwise lack decorative architecture. Hanging several strands of lights above the entrance to your venue, draping the archway with fabric, and utilizing cutouts will give guests an immediate impression of romance and festivity.

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Flower Crowns

4. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are another symbol of festivity and summer sunshine. They're a lovely accessory for an outdoor wedding. The natural materials and pastel shades will give your guests a fresh, fun, and romantic look that can be hard to achieve with the more traditional wedding decor. You can offer your guests flower crowns as they come into the reception venue or hand them out with other welcome items like fans, parasols, and fun sunglasses. You can even make one for the bride herself.

Pine cone

5. Pine Cone Place Names

Personalise your wedding by making place cards with pine cones. Using this method, you can give your guests a peek into who will be seated with them at dinner or who they are sitting with during the ceremony itself. Place a small pine cone in the centre of each plate and write the names of all your guests. Before placing them in a flower vase or serving bowl, spray all sides with water to create a natural sheen. These place cards are an easy, natural way to personalise your wedding and make it even more memorable.

Tree Slice

6. Tree Slice Centrepiece

While the centrepiece for your wedding is the cake, a tree slice seems like the perfect catch-all solution for individual tables. Add colour and beauty to your tables with tree slices as centrepieces. These tree slices are much cheaper than real flowers and will last longer too. Place a few pieces of different sizes and colours on a table to create this look. The arrangement takes up less space than a traditional bouquet or bowl and is therefore perfect for smaller receptions.

Wedding Chairs

7. Chair End Flowers

Chair end flowers can add a little something extra to your ceremony. These are used to decorate chairs, particularly those along the aisle at a wedding ceremony. Place them along your front row or across all of the chairs simultaneously, depending on the size of your room.

Jar Centerpiece

8. Wildflower Jar Centrepieces

A classic addition to any wedding, this wildflower jar centrepiece is a beautiful way to bring a touch of nature to your day. Wildflower jar centrepieces are also ideal for creating stunning displays in various settings such as the ceremony, reception, or venue. You can use these floral arrangements in a couple of different ways. Firstly, they can sit on the aisle to make an impressive entrance. Secondly, we'd recommend including them in your reception table settings. Fill the glass jars with dried or silk flowers and place them on rustic wooden stands. Store your flowers in a dark, cool place like the basement or attic after using them on your day to keep them looking fresh indefinitely.

Jam Jars

9. Mini Jam Jar Favours

Jars filled with organic jams will look sweet and rustic if you're planning a wedding reception that doesn't include any other theme or colour. Mini jam jars are an excellent way to give your guests a sweet treat and a cute take-home favour. Each one will be filled with your guests' favourite jam/marmalade/preserves and tied with a ribbon before being gifted to your guests at the end of your special day.

Mini jam jars are cute, can be made using various colours, and you won't have to break the bank to do so. They are a sweet addition to your wedding favours or reception table decorations. They are small enough to fit into a handbag at the night's end so that guests can take them home as a thoughtful memento of your special day.

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