Ideas for Tropical Wedding Invitations

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Tropical Wedding Invitations

When you send out tropical wedding invitations and tropical save-the-date messages, you will have everyone coming to your wedding.

Once you send out your tropical save the date, your guests will be immediately transported to paradise, and they will love opening your tropical wedding invitations with bold colors, palm trees, and tropical florals. 

Remember to include all the important details of your wedding on your tropical invites such as the date, time, and location. You can also consider adding a dress code or any other special instructions.

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If you've already selected a venue, include a photo of the location on your palm tree wedding invitations to give your guests an idea of what to expect.

Create a memorable invite that your guests will cherish, and remember, your wedding invitations are a preview of your big day, so have fun with them and let your creativity shine!

Check out these tropical wedding ideas to complete your tropical wedding:

If you're looking for tropical wedding invitations, there are many different styles and designs for your elegant tropical wedding invitations to choose from.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Water Color Palms

Watercolor Palms

A watercolor painting of tropical palm trees can set the tone for a beach or island wedding. 

Choose a font that complements the palm leaf wedding invitation vibe. A script or cursive font can add an elegant touch, while a sans-serif font can give a more modern feel.

Consider adding other design elements to your invitation, such as a watercolor ocean or beach scene, to complement the palm tree design.

Floral Wedding Invites

Bright Florals

Bold and colorful flowers like hibiscus or plumeria can give a lively and cheerful touch to your invitation.

Bright tropical flowers on your wedding invitations can be a stunning way to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of a tropical destination wedding.

Hibiscus, plumeria, and orchids are popular choices for tropical weddings.

Sunset Silhouette Invitation

Sunset Silhouette

A sunset silhouette featuring palm trees or a tropical landscape can create a romantic and elegant feel to your invitation.

Consider adding other design elements to your invitation, such as a watercolor ocean or beach scene, to complement the sunset silhouette design.


Tropical Foliage Invitations

Tropical Foliage

Tropical foliage in a variety of green shades can create an elegant and timeless invitation design.

Choose a variety of tropical leaves or foliage to create your design. Monstera, palm leaves, and ferns are popular choices for tropical foliage.

Use a variety of green shades to create depth and dimension in your design. You can also consider adding pops of color with flowers or other tropical elements.

Beach Invitations

Beachy Accents

Add some beachy accents to your invitation like seashells and starfish to create a beachy vibe.

Use a beachy font, and choose a font that evokes the feeling of a relaxed beach wedding, such as a handwritten or script font.

Use coordinating envelopes in a beachy color such as turquoise, coral, or sand to complete the look.

Island Wedding Invitations

Island Motifs

Incorporate island motifs like pineapples or tropical birds into your invitation design to give a unique and playful touch.

You can also include palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, pineapples, or other tropical elements in your invitations to create a festive, beachy feel.

Use a combination of vibrant colors to create a bold and eye-catching design.

Tropical Wedding Invitations

Tropical Colors

Bright and bold colors such as turquoise, coral, and yellow are perfect for a tropical wedding. Use these colors for the font and/or background of your invitations.

Decide on a combination of bright and bold colors to create a lively and festive feel for your design. Consider using a watercolor or ombré effect to create a soft and romantic effect for your design.

Use tropical wording, instead of traditional wedding wording, and try to incorporate tropical phrases or words like “Aloha” or "Mahalo" to give your invitations a tropical feel!

Texture Paper

Texture Paper

Tropical texture paper wedding invitations can be a beautiful and unique way to add an extra element of interest and depth to your invitation design.

Consider using textured paper, such as linen or bamboo paper, to give your invitations a more tropical feel and depth.

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