10 Tropical Wedding Bouquet Ideas

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10 Tropical Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Finding the perfect colorful summer wedding bouquet is not that easy, but we are here to help you find something you love!

A summer wedding is all about fun, vibrant colors, and glamor, which means a tropical wedding bouquet is a perfect option to go for if you are not a classic bride. 

Why not add a touch of exotic flair to your wedding day and bridal look? 

Typical flowers used in a tropical bridal bouquet include Birds of Paradise, Phalaenopsis Orchids and Pin Cushion Protea, these are all typical choices when it comes to tropical wedding bouquets. Anthurium is also an exotic flower taking over the bridal bouquet scene with its trendy, tropical shape. We also love seeing big palm leaves used in tropical flower arrangements - it adds a Middle Eastern vibe to the wedding.

Take a look here at some great ideas on how to use the Birds of Paradise tropical flower in your wedding and also check out this: Tropical Wedding Theme Ideas.

Tropical wedding bouquet can have many characteristics from bright and bold colors to exotic flowers, mix and match and create your very own unique tropical wedding bouquet.

Take a look at these stunning tropical wedding bouquets and choose your favorite one: