Ideas for Your Henna Night Favors

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Ideas for Your Henna Night Favors

Henna night is always a fun idea to celebrate the bride before she gets married, in most Arab countries having a henna night is a very important tradition, and this is why brides are always looking for unique and creative ideas to add to their fantastic henna night.

From choosing the most beautiful henna designs and patterns to have drawn on their hands and feet, to finding the perfect henna artist who will be doing pretty designs for the bride to be and her guests, and of course the decorations and favors, every little detail counts when it comes to throwing the perfect henna party.

If you are planning your henna night without the help of an event planner then don't worry! There are so many things you can do yourself that will add a personalized and unique touch to your henna night such as the favors.

When it comes to choosing your henna favors, the options are endless! We bring you some incredible favor ideas for your guests to remember your henna night for a long time.


Henna Inspired Cookies

Cookies with henna patterns or in the shape of traditional jewelry or anything henna inspired is a great idea and your guests will surely love the sweet treat.

Hair Accessories

Indian inspired hair accessories are always fun and cute, your guests can wear them during your henna party and keep them later on.

Colorful Bracelets

Nothing says fun henna night like colorful accessories, remember that henna parties are usually all about colors! Your guests will love showing off their colorful bracelets that will compliment their henna tattoos as well.

Beauty Cases and Clutches

Colorful clutches or beauty cases not only make unique favors for your guests but they are super practical! Your guests will keep using them and every time they do they will remember how much fun they had on your henna night.

Fun Candles

Fun and colorful candles are a perfect henna giveaway! They are practical and look really nice so everyone will want to have them.

Pretty Shawls

Pretty colorful shawls are a great option if you are having your henna during the beginning or end of summer when the weather gets a bit chilly at night.

Beauty Products and Makeup

You can't go wrong with makeup and beauty products when it comes to your henna favors! The ladies will love to leave your party with some beauty goodies, such as lipsticks, eyeliners, and even small hand cream bottles, mix and match and have them all in beautiful packages for your guests to take away with them.

Pocket Mirrors

Pocket mirrors are a nice gift and useful, your guests will keep them in their purses and carry them around with them wherever they go.

Oud and Perfumes

Who doesn't love a beautiful smelling gift? Your guests will fall in love with the little oud bottles or perfume bottles that you will give them.

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