Indian Henna for Your Arabian Wedding

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Indian Henna for Your Arabian Wedding

Mehndi is Indian for “Henna”, which is very popular in the Arab region, particularly where there is a large Indian community such as the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Henna designs differ from country to country; the Gulf region has different styles and shades than Morocco, for example, and so does India.

At an Indian Mehndi celebration, the Henna artist, or a relative, applies Mehndi to the bride's hands and feet. Some brides like to have the name or initials of the groom applied in a hidden way through the design as well.

There are different ideas and styles of henna designs that suit every bride; some brides like to have the initials of their name and their groom's name or even a drawing of a bride and groom, while other brides like to have half a heart drawn on each hand, and many other ideas.

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But since it all began with the Indian ritual of Mehndi, we have a few designs we thought you would like to try for your Henna night.