Indian Henna for Your Arabian Wedding

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Indian Henna for Your Arabian Wedding

Mehndi is Indian for “Henna”, which is very popular in the Arab region. Henna designs differ from country to country; the Gulf region has different styles and shades than Morocco, for example, and so does India.

At an Indian Mehndi celebration, the Henna artist or a relative applies Mehndi to the bride's hands and feet. Some brides like to have the name or initials of the groom applied in a hidden way through the design.

There are different ideas and styles of henna designs that suit every bride, some brides like to have the initials of their name and their groom's name or even a drawing of a bride and groom, other brides like to have half a heart drawn on each hand, and many other ideas.

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But since it all began with the Indian ritual of Mehndi, we have a few designs we thought you would like to try for your Henna night.