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An Indian Couture and Culture Wedding in Dubai

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An Indian Couture and Culture Wedding in Dubai

Vivaah Celebrations, a leading destination wedding planning company, is dedicated to transforming dreams into reality. The recent event held at Palazzo Versace Dubai was a display of sheer magnificence, meticulously planned, managed, and executed for the wedding of Shilpi Gupta's daughter, a prominent fashion designer known for her excellence in elegance, style, and couture. Nestled in the opulent surroundings of one of the world's most luxurious hotels, the Vivaah Celebrations team orchestrated a three-day celebration, showcasing their expertise as destination wedding planners.

Embarking on an enchanting odyssey, one can explore the intricate details of this grand destination wedding. Every moment, from the Dolce Vita Welcome Lunch to the Grand Finale, served as a testament to the sophistication and glamour reminiscent of legends such as Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, and many more.

Upon arriving at Palazzo Versace, the opulent welcome established the atmosphere for the upcoming extravagant festivities. The ambiance resonated with the enchanting melodies of a flautist adorned in a splendid gold gown, infusing a moment of sophistication. The offerings of Arabian delicacies and refreshing treats provided a glimpse into the culinary delights awaiting the esteemed guests.

Welcome LunchWelcome Lunch

Dolce Vita Welcome Lunch

Drawing inspiration from the allure of Italy and the renowned fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, Vivaah Celebrations curated a culinary masterpiece for the Dolce Vita Welcome Lunch.

Hostesses, elegantly attired in Italian Dolce Vita dresses, greeted the guests and presented Limoncello in charming bottles arranged on a stylish Italian display. This invigorating beverage served as a prelude to a sensory expedition through lush greens, vibrant lemons, and an exquisite bar setup that embraced cryo and molecular techniques with an innovative flair.

In the meticulously curated bar setup, every detail was attended to with precision, promising an unparalleled experience. Adorned with an array of fresh fruits and accessories, the bar showcased a stunning cryo effect, infusing the ambiance with a touch of theatrical magic and meticulous attention to detail. The molecular mixology captivated guests, with skilled bartenders crafting innovative concoctions that transformed the bar into an unforgettable spectacle.

DJ Gautam ignited the stage with his dynamic beats, creating an atmosphere infused with the vibrant spirit of celebration. MC Priya Jethani from Zee TV seamlessly engaged with the guests, ensuring each moment resonated with joy and excitement. Positioned overlooking the central pool, two exceptionally skilled Italian musicians captivated the audience with soulful tunes, adding a melodic dimension to the evening.

The culinary journey became a gastronomic adventure that transcended boundaries, thanks to the collaboration with Le Chaat Factory, a renowned catering team flown in from India, and the chefs at Palazzo Versace. The food display was a masterpiece, enhanced by exquisite Italian sculptures, charming tables, and a picturesque gazebo reminiscent of the enchanting Italian gardens.

Sringaar Teeka High-Tea

A Sringaar Teeka High-Tea

The lavish narrative persisted with the Sringaar Teeka High Tea, an homage to tradition and refinement set against the stunning backdrop of Palazzo Versace’s Mosaico Terrace.

The atmosphere resonated with the soul-stirring melodies of traditional musicians, weaving a tapestry of cultural richness. As guests savored the Maharaja High Tea presented in exquisite Versace cups, a captivating experience awaited them at the perfume-making bar.

Attendees were invited to concoct their distinctive scents from an array of exotic fragrances, elevating the celebration with a personalized touch. The fragrance bar, adorned with crystal decanters and delicate blooms, transformed into a sanctuary for sensory exploration, allowing guests to carry a piece of the enchanting evening home with them.

Sangeet PartySangeet Celebration

A Luxurious Sangeet

With a seamless transition, Vivaah Celebrations heightened the enchantment with an exclusive Sangeet Evening inspired by the legendary Roberto Cavalli, meticulously curated for Shilpi Gupta’s daughter.

A crystal saxophone player serenaded guests in the pre-function area, crafting an ethereal atmosphere beneath the starry night.

The ballroom underwent a stunning transformation into a vision of grandeur, adorned with majestic crystals and flourishing blooms. The air was imbued with the fragrance of fresh roses, tantalizing the senses as guests entered a realm where culture and high energy converged.

The atmosphere echoed the ambiance of an IIFA show, featuring spectacular performances that held the audience captive. The bar, animated with exclusive cocktails, became a hub of delight, seamlessly blending with the rhythmic beats of the celebration as guests reveled until sunrise.

Indian WeddingIndian Wedding 1

A Sacred Union

The following morning unfolded with the sacred union at Como Garden, invoking the charm reminiscent of a South Indian movie.

Live stations crafted authentic dosas and uppmas, while the fragrance of jasmine flowers permeated the venue. The mandapam, encircled by water on all sides, featured steps leading to a surreal setting adorned with pink lotus flowers and hanging jasmines.

Traditional Nadaswaram performers filled the air with their melodious tunes as the bride and groom, accompanied by chenda melam drummers, commenced their wedding ceremony.

The stage was graced by kathakali dancers, infusing the event with cultural richness. The festivities continued with coconut waters bearing the customized logo of the couple, offering a refreshing respite.

BaraatBaraat CelebrationBaraat PartyIndian Wedding BaraatBaraat Wedding

The Grand Baraat & Mathura Pheras

As the sun dipped below the horizon, marking the onset of the Hindu pheras, the celebration reached its pinnacle. Aditya, the groom, led a grand royal baraat procession, complete with a vintage car, drummers, and a majestic band. A knight on a beautiful horse, adorned with the couple’s logo, added a regal touch to the procession. An enchanting Dabke Dance performance, seamlessly blending Arabian culture into the celebration, was the highlight of this baraat.

Welcoming the baraat onto the premises, graceful hostesses sprinkled rose water on the guests, creating a sensory experience that heightened the anticipation. The groom proceeded to his jaimala platform with his entourage, eagerly awaiting the entrance of the gorgeous bride, Honey. Dressed in custom-made attire with a long 5-meter veil, curated with precision by her mother, Shilpi Gupta, a renowned fashion designer, Honey walked in under her flower chaader adorned with real peacock feathers and roses, presenting a sight to behold.

The Jaimala exchange unfolded in a spectacle of cold pyros and a flower petal blast, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. The couple then made their way towards the beautiful mandap, situated right in the center of the Palazzo Versace Pool, surrounded by peacock installations that added a touch of enchantment to the venue.

As the scents of aggarbattis purified the air and Krishna chants, along with a beautiful Sitaar player, resonated in the background, a renowned rangoli artist curated a Radha Krishna Rangoli, encapsulating the pure essence of the sacred ceremony. The High Tea that followed was inspired by Mathura. Chefs churned out makhan and served it with toasts and tea, while an array of sweets and delicacies from Mathura adorned the tables, creating a culinary journey through tradition.

Indian WeddingDubai Wedding

A Night to Remember

Commencing with the Hindu Pheras, the renowned celebrity performer, Dharini Thakker, graced the event with her soulful singing, leaving guests in awe. The final phera unfolded, marking the culmination of the wedding celebration. In a spectacular display, the sky lit up with fireworks, casting a magical glow over the venue and symbolizing the commencement of a new chapter for Honey and Aditya. 

The festivities reached their zenith with a traditional Sajan Kot dinner reception, hosted in the resplendent ballroom adorned with fresh red roses. A palatial stage awaited star performer Adil Hussaini, whose sufi music resonated through the venue. As the couple made their entrance, Adil Hussaini’s soulful melodies set the tone for their first dance and cake cutting, creating a magical moment etched in time.

The Marwari royal Sajan Kot was served and unfolded with grace, accompanied by majestic tanoura dancers swirling around the venue. The evening concluded with the couple taking their seats amidst an atmosphere of love, laughter, and enchantment, as Vivaah Celebrations ensured that Shilpi Gupta’s dreams and those of their families materialized into a truly magical reality.

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