India's Virtual ESPOUSAL Event Heads to South Africa

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India's Virtual ESPOUSAL Event Heads to South Africa

Zeroin Management Private Limited, organized the first edition of ESPOUSAL - the World's First Online Wedding Expo - in India in the middle of the lockdown in September 2020. Little did they know that they were creating a global phenomenon!

Once the first version of the virtual wedding-industry event was completed in September 2020, the organisers were approached by various countries across the globe to take ESPOUSAL globally. The next version of ESPOUSAL will target the wedding industry in South Africa on 26 and 27 March 2021.

South Africans are extremely excited as all 9 provinces are being looked into and vendors and couples in South Africa are going to be attending this event. 

Charmaine Fivaz, owner of Tentworks in South Africa who has partnered with Zeroin for this venture says "when I went as a speaker for the India version in September 2020, I was absolutely amazed to see the kind of quality that Zeroin maintains, and the number of people who were present. I just knew at that time that this has to happen for South Africa and, therefore, I spoke with Arvind and Shikha- and here we are".

Arvind Sabhaney, the CEO Zeroin Management Private Limited, said: "I never really imagined that the world would come together like this. ESPOUSAL has been received very very well across the globe, and from South Africa we are going to be taking it to quite a few countries this year. Stay Tuned".

Amanda Cunningham, who has partnered with ESPOUSAL and is the owner of The Wedding Expo, a 20 year old wedding exhibition in SOuth Africa said, "initially I was very apprehensive about an online expo but when I saw what has been built by Zeroin I said to myself here is an opportunity that cannot be missed".

Shikha Nahata, co-founder of ESPOUSAL, says "when Arvind and I first conceived the idea we didn't think that it would become so large". 

Arabia Weddings in pleased to be part of this event as a speaker in a panel on "Technology in the Wedding Industry".

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