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Interview with Destination Wedding Photographer Maddy Christina

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Interview with Destination Wedding Photographer Maddy Christina

Maddy Christina is a prominent destination wedding photographer who values her years of experience in the wedding photography industry and is inspired by her travels and experiences.

Maddy's French flair, obsession with elegance and her artistic style, coupled with her superb commitment to customer service, contributed to her professional development and helped her become an outstanding wedding photographer. 

Maddy develops her artistic approach in parallel with her favorite medium - the film - to compose delicate images, striking of sincerity, while lightness.

Maddy Christina's goal is to mix beauty and reality, creating images that will remain works of art forever.

We got the chance to meet Maddy Christina and asked her some questions about her career, her move to Dubai, her photography style and tips for brides-to-be:

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How did you start your career in wedding photography and when?

I have been doing this job for the past 8 years. My father was in love with photography, and after studying several domains over the years (including law, veterinary, even driving license teacher!) without finding a "normal" path I’d like to explore, I decided to come back to my first love: Telling stories.

I began initially in Luxembourg, and quickly started traveling a lot with my clients, offering them the opportunity of amazing landscapes for their wedding pictures. That was then a bit of my speciality and what made me unique (as destination weddings and photo sessions weren’t that widespread then). 

I moved to Monaco 2 years ago, and it was the perfect place for me to find venues and vibes in the elegant mindset that I wanted to work in. 

I discovered my love for weddings step by step; I was totally obsessed during the first 2 years with my desire to help my couples have the perfect day. And I find my happiness seeing their smiles and emotions when they see the pictures and know it's something they will have for the rest of their lives.

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What prompted you recently to move to Dubai and expand your wedding photography services?

I travelled a LOT, two or three times around the world each year. And one day, a couple of mine getting married in Paris and living in Dubai, asked me to come to the UAE for their "after wedding session". Something magical happened as soon as I came out of the airport - I felt like I was finally home. The mindset, the mix of cultures, the tolerance, the entrepreneurial spirit… I was so glad to find a place that is as 'fast' as I am in my head. 

Add to that the beauty of the city, the fact that you constantly feel the good vibes, and you can travel easily from Dubai to many destinations. 

I quickly understood that I had to do something. I went back everal times to Dubai and felt that it was necessary to live in it during the winter season, as most of the events are really last-minute, and it was complicated to come all the way from Monaco for an event that was happening in 2 days. 

So I moved to Dubai in October 2019, and I discovered amazing persons, generous and open minded, and I’m so grateful to work today with incredible partners who have become friends.

I also opened an agency in Saudi Arabia with an amazing videographer, Christina, where we work as a team for our demanding clients.

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What style do you specialise in and what differentiates your work from others?

I’m totally obsessed by ELEGANCE, good taste, and refinment. I aim for each of my pictures to be something you can frame, like a piece of art. I shoot with a film camera, so I’m able to obtain very special tones and softness on the skin, for example. I want my brides to feel proud and beautiful in each picture, like a star. My brides are my stars (ok, the groom too!) and I can spend all day capturing their emotions and beauty forever. 

I come from France and the from the luxury industry. I learnt from it to be focused on details, but more than anything else, to focus on customer service. I want working with me to be an experience, from the moment we sign the contract to many years after. I’m totally not looking for quantity of weddings, and I actually do accept a limited quantity of them every year. Not out of snobbery, but because I want to have the time to really take care of each of them and have the time for all my brides to talk, share, take a moment to check some details… if necessary, without having to be on the run all the time. As I mentioned before, my brides are my stars!

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What is your favorite moment during a wedding experience with your client?

As a photographer, can I say that it's not particularly the wedding day? I mean, for me, the wedding day is a really intense day. We are really focused on capturing every detail, every emotional moment, and the couple is monopolized by their guests. We are here to work, we are totally dedicated to them and we are exhausted at the end of the day.

The day when they discover the pictures. When they suddenly realize it’s over, it’s done, they are married. It’s concrete.

When I have this moment with them for me, crying, laughing, being full of emotions, and understanding the value of what we’ve done together.

Yes, this moment is my favorite one. This is why I scarified so much for them, but it’s priceless. 

What's your top 2 tips that you'd like to offer brides and grooms to get perfect wedding pictures.

If I can give 3 tips for couples, these would be:

1) Take the time to choose your photographer. You cannot do that quickly, and then afterwards realize they are not your style. All photographers are different, it’s not like a product. You have to be sure you love his/her style. Because once it’s done, it’s done you can’t do it again.

2) Meet him/her. The feeling is as important as the pictures themselves. You're going to spend your entire day next to your photographer. If the feeling is not excellent or if you are not close; first, the photographer will be shy and won’t feel comfortable to move around to capture everything, and you will feel the camera behind your shoulder all the time. If you know him/her, you will be comfortable, friendly, and you will even forget that the photographer is there. That is the best way to capture natural images during the day.

3) An extra advice about the budget. For sure, you will always find cheaper (and I totally assume my price, as I said, it’s quality VS quantity). But don’t forget that for a photographer maybe more than for anyone else, you hire a personality, a style, a signature, and a human being who is going to stay with you all day. If you love a photographer’s work, his/her personality, you have a good feeling, it’s so so so much important than a few Dirhams and many years of regret.


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