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An Intimate '6 Feet Apart' Wedding in Jeddah

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An Intimate '6 Feet Apart' Wedding in Jeddah

Many brides and grooms have decided to go ahead and get married in a small wedding celebration despite the restrictions placed on social gatherings as a result of the pandemic. This was the case for a lovely couple in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia who got married on 10 July, 2020 and invited 50 of their closest family members and friends. 

For Lace Events, who designed and planned this beautiful intimate wedding, this was their first post-lockdown wedding.  Founder Sarah Al Dabbagh outdid herself in this wedding by creating an elegant and charming theme while still following and observing the rules of social distancing, safety, and hygiene. 

She commissioned custom-made face masks embroidered with the couple's initials and did small pouches for each guest made of the same fabric used for the table linens. The pouches were thoughtfully filled with sanitizers, wipes, mints, and other items.

Sarah applied the social distancing rules throughout the wedding.  Custom-made floor stickers were printed and a safe distance was between the banquet tables. For a cute touch, cards were printed with the phrase "6ft Apart Yet Close to My Heart" which was what the wedding was all about.

This is what Sarah Al Dabbagh had to say about the first post-quarantine wedding she planned in Jeddah: "Finally after a long 5 month hiatus from planning, underlined with the uncertainties of a global pandemic, we celebrated a wedding, marking it as the first event Laylati opens its door to post quarantine. Charged with many sleepless nights, this project was both close to my heart and emotionally challenging, due to the anxiety and confusion we all are facing as we carefully slip back into this new normal". 

"However, as everything came together, as the orchids bloomed in all their glory, the stars seemed to have aligned and glimpses of my pre-corona life began to slowly drift back into my universe, imposing hope and a wave of positive energy as we transitioned into a safe return. My bride made a brave decision to go on with her big day, whilst sticking to the new measures of small gatherings, making the night special and intimate, with those closest to her heart. In the end, such a sacred union is really all about that" added Sarah Al Dabbagh.

Wedding Planner: Sarah Al Dabbagh of Lace Events

Wedding Venue: Leylati, Jeddah

Photography: Meshari Alsharidi