Engagement Ring Trends You Do Not Want To Miss

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Engagement Ring Trends You Do Not Want To Miss

It is commonly said that magical marriages begin with magical engagement rings. This is quite true!

Gone are the days when there was the belief of following the tradition and choosing a classic white or yellow diamond engagement ring. Now, modern couples are searching for something different for the perfect engagement ring. The fact is that choosing the perfect engagement ring seems like an impossible mission as there are so many options to choose from.

Each person’s style is unique that puts a lot of pressure on you. It is true that diamonds will never go out of style,butto get it right, you should do some research in advance. You can also go for Claddagh Jewellery as it represents the values of love, friendship, and loyalty. This article tends to highlight the engagement ring trends you do not want to miss.

1- Sideways Emerald Cut

If you want a modern classic piece that will be stylish for decades to come, then sideways emerald cut is perfect for you. It is a good option if you are looking for minimalist engagement rings that are also low-maintenance. This is because such type of ring setting wraps the centre stone in metal on all sides. This ensures that the ring is extra-secure as well as protected.

Moreover, a sideways emerald cut diamond ring is a common option that is ideal for creating a unique look.

2- Bold Halo Setting

Bold Halo Engagement rings are becoming extremely popular, and with good reason. These types of rings come in many styles to fit every taste. They look elegant as well as stunning. They consist of tiny diamonds that surround the centrepiece which enhances the beauty of the stone.

Moreover, there is a gem in the centre that puts a nice spin on traditional cuts.

3- Vintage-Inspired Ring

Nowadays, people are also choosing the vintage-inspired rings for their engagement. These type of rings offer 100 percent uniqueness. They consist a coloured stone whose specific tone is usually associated with a given type of cuts such as the emerald or the oval cut. Nowadays, even fashion-conscious buyers are coming back to vintage-inspired rings as they are both glamorous and timeless.

4- Solitaire Blue Stone

If you want a simple look in your engagement ring, then just go for a solitaire blue stone. The rings of this category are still coming across as minimalistic.

To sum up:

Nowadays, due to the internet, couples have more access to information about engagement rings, than ever before. They have more ability to choose between different styles.

Many styles may rise and fall in popularity year by year. But in spite of this, the same basic look that dominated for much of the twentieth century of a ring with a prominent, sparkling diamond continues to be the most sought after at the beginning of the twenty-first century.