Top 5 Jewelry Stores in Riyadh

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Top 5 Jewelry Stores in Riyadh

Jewelry is one of the very important items a bride has to choose when she gets engaged.

Brides love to wear a unique piece of jewelry on their wedding day, especially in the Middle East. Most Saudi brides are on the look out for the most stylish and elegant pieces of jewelry to wear on their wedding day.

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When it comes to jewelry, we have compiled a list of the top jewelry shops in Riyadh for you to check out:


The largest gold and jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East and the 4th largest jewelry manufacturer worldwide. L’azurde has excelled at the art of jewelry design, transforming every inspiration into a unique masterpiece.

L'azurde Riyadh


Damas is the middle east’s leading international jewelry and watch retailer. Founded in 1907, Damas today has over 300 stores in the Middle East, most of which are located in the GCC region. Damas encourages innovative designs that uphold the Damas tradition of being a trend setter.

Damas Riyadh


Every woman dreams of unsurpassed elegance that is key to her appearance, and Mouawad’s Timeless collection brings this dream to life with stunning splendor using only diamonds of the finest quality to maximize brilliance. Mouawad's wedding bands serve as special tokens of eternal love and shared happiness.

mouawad Riyadh


Lustro crafts unique, elegant jewelry of the the highest quality and attention to detail. Always aiming to produce jewelry of the finest calibre, Lustro has been at the forefront of innovative diamond setting.

lustro Riyadh

Yessayan: ​

Krikor and Haroutioun Yessayan have made their distinct mark in the world of fine jewelry. A team of skilled artisans works on every detail with precision; every gemstone is hand selected to create jewelry full of sparkle, passion, and eternal beauty.

yessayan Riyadh

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