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Wedding Trend: Ring Tattoos!

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Wedding Trend: Ring Tattoos!

Low budget couples are starting a new trend when it comes to their wedding rings. In times of recession and low budgets, couples are opting for tattoo wedding rings rather than the expensive diamond ring.

Not only is this trend making its way in the U.S and Europe it is also becoming more popular in India.

The Times of India stated the Pros and Cons of getting a wedding ring tattoo: "Since it's permanent, you don't have to worry about forgetting where you kept your expensive ring or about losing it down the plughole while washing dishes. You can also save money as a ring tattoo comes at a fraction of the cost of a gold or platinum wedding band.
On the flip side, there's the element of pain you have to go through to get a permanent symbol of commitment to your lover. And if the relationship does not work out, you may have to remove the tattoo, which can be an even more painful experience!"