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What To Know About Your Diamond Ring

What To Know About Your Diamond Ring

Weddings are about wanting to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. They are about union, love, and finding the one for you.

Nowadays, more than ever, weddings have become associated to ‘the diamond’. “Show me your ring!” “How did he propose?” “Look at that rock!” These are all phrases you say, hear or will hear once you’ve gotten engaged!

So here are the basics...

  • Carat: The universal measurement for the weight of diamond is carat. Every carat has 100 points. Engagement rings are often 1 carat. The larger the number in value, the more expensive it is.
  • Cut: The nature of diamond is rough and without form, but with artistic workmanship they are cut into different shapes. The technique of the cut and shape impacts the sparkle of the diamond by how much it allows light to be reflected back. There are 7 basic cuts: Brilliant (round), Marquise (oval with pointed ends), Oval, Emerald, Pear, Square and Heart. The most classic of all for engagement rings is the Brilliant, set in platinum or gold.
  • Color: Typically, the most desirable color for an engagement ring is colourless. Most diamonds consist of a yellow or brownish tinge due to the presence of other elements. This will bring down the value of the diamond. However, diamonds can be colorful in red, blue, pink, yellow or green. These are rare and more valuable.
  • Clarity: The clearer the diamond, the more valuable it is. Often there are minerals and gases trapped inside the diamond causing some imperfections. Perfectly flawless diamonds with no internal flaws or surface blemishes are very hard to find, as they are extremely rare. Fewer flaws in a diamond result in greater brilliance as more light is reflected.


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