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Keep Your Guests Warm with These Delicious Hot Beverages

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Keep Your Guests Warm with These Delicious Hot Beverages

Winter weddings are beautiful, romantic, and festive, and many couples love to have their wedding during the winter, a winter wedding can be beautiful if done right, and you can add some unique details to your winter wedding to make it unforgettable.

If you’re having your wedding in winter, we would like to introduce you to an idea, which we think should become a winter wedding trend this season: The Hot Beverage Bar.

What’s a hot beverage bar? Basically, you can have a bar of hot beverages for your guests to choose from on your wedding day.

There are so many ideas for hot drinks to serve to your guests, add toppings, and flavors on the side and you’re guests will love this idea as much as we do.

What should you serve? Here are some ideas we absolutely love.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is definitely a crowd-pleaser, have hot chocolate served at your wedding, or even better have a make it yourself hot chocolate bar with different toppings.

You can have classic hot chocolate served with mini marshmallows or cinnamon, get creative with the toppings.

Tea Bar

All Kinds of Tea

Let your tea-loving guests indulge in their choice of tea. Whether you serve it to them directly or have them serve themselves at a cute tea station, tea is always a great drink to keep warm during winter.

Chai Latte

Chai Latte Or Chai Karak

Serve some hot chai latte to your wedding guests or for the brides who want a more oriental touch chair karak is a great option, a delicious tea drink with milk and special spices, your wedding guests will love it.

Apple Cider

Hot Apple Cider or Cranberries

For something a bit different consider serving your wedding guests cooked cranberries with sugar, lemon and orange juice. Or if you want a perfect winter wedding drink, hot apple cider is a great option.

Coffee Bar

Coffee Station

Keep your guests energized and warm with a coffee station, add different items such as cream, milk, sugar, and different mixes or flavors your guests can use.

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